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Barbecue & Wine

05/06/2020 Breaking news

June has arrived, and we are more keen than ever to meet up with friends. And what better way to enjoy the good weather than to arrange a barbecue. Choosing food is simple; everything tastes good on a barbeque.  Although good food outdoors with friends is always great, to really make the best of a barbecue, you need some good wine. The preparation time, the food itself and the hours of relaxing afterwards are the perfect opportunities to have a full glass in your hand. Take a look at our selection. We have just the right suggestions for you.

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7 wines for 7 barbecues

1- Vermouth: for a classy start

Beginning a barbecue in the sun with a glass of vermouth “on the rocks” is the perfect way to set up the evening. The leading producers of this wine macerated in herbs are the Italians and the Vermouth Carpano Classico is proof of this. If you prefer white, Lustau Vermouth white is a very good option. And if you are looking to start the party in style, El Bandarra is guaranteed to put everyone in the right mood.

2- Red wines: a good one will never let you down

If Argentine or American style meat is the star of the show, then we would suggest lightly-aged red wines. Tío Uco, is a juicy and very fruity red wine that showcases all of its organoleptic properties even when cool. There is also Villa Wolf Pinot Noir, a German Pinot Noir that combines aging in barrels and stainless steel, and is both fresh and exuberant. Finally, the irreverent Fabien Jouves Cahors Haute Côte de Fruit, a natural, ecological and biodynamic red wine that is perfect alongside grilled food.

3- White Wines: summer favourites

If you are going with a menu of tasty fish or fresh seafood to celebrate being able to see your nearest and dearest, a very cool, dry white wine would be ideal. For occasions like these, a Sauvignon Blanc would be a great choice. Wineries like Cloudy Bay or Te Mata produce some great wines. And if you would prefer a typical summer Verdejo but without any frills, Menade Verdejo is the wine for you.

4- Orange wines: beyond white and red

Whether you are sitting outdoors or on a terrace, orange wines are all the rage. If you serve it with a Mediterranean paella cooked on the grill, you will soon become everyone’s favourite host. Lirondo is an electrically fresh, no-frills Verdejo. Le Coste Bianco is a barrel-aged natural white wine from Lazio. And La Salada El Pagès Content orange is a tribute to longtime winegrowers who know how to enjoy the outdoors like no one else.

5- Rosé Wines: la vie en rose

Rosé is versatile anyway, but when temperatures rise, it goes well with any dish. Enjoyed alongside meat, fish or vegetables, you will always be reaching for another glass. Blue orange wines, made with the acclaimed Garnacha from the Sierra de Gredos, bring an extra touch of energy to everything. Likewise, Atrevit is an organic rosé wine that is perfect for sharing all evening long. And if you are looking for a touch of glamour, put a Miraval Rosé, on the table. This wine comes from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s estate.

6- Sparkling wines: a guaranteed party

Sparkling wines go hand in hand with parties. Why not start and finish your outdoor party with bubbles? Or even drink bubbles all the way through! Partida Creus Xarel.lo Ancestral, a fresh, broad and balanced sparkling wine made according to the ancient method. Taille aux Loups Brut Tradition is a complex and tasty sparkling wine with a fine bubble. Finally, Júlia Bernet Brut Nature Exsum Or is an exquisite sparkling wine that is little known but very lovely.

7- Bag in box and large sizes: to keep the drinks flowing

If there are lots of people at your barbecue and then no one to stop you when you all get together, the Bag in box option is probably a good one. As the saying goes “Good, nice, cheap.” On our website you will find El aviador wine in white and red. But if you want to be a great host, magnum bottles are always a great choice.

So, we have given you a few suggestions, but this is far from everything we have available. Our website has a huge range and our sommeliers would be happy to give you a personal recommendation if you request this through our online chat. Remember that if you are planning a barbeque with friends, it is the wine that will keep the party going. So why not let it lead the way?

Image from @johaberga, taken from Unplash.