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Marqués de Murrieta: 170 years of recognition

14/11/2022 New on catalog , Winemaking

What better way to celebrate the 170th anniversary of one of the most prestigious projects from the Rioja DOCa than by earning a place among the Top 10 wineries with the highest number of Parker [...]

Autumn wines

28/09/2022 New on catalog

Just like there are perfect dishes for every season of the year, wines also have their moment. So now, as the temperatures drop and the wind picks up, mornings are cool and evenings are damp, [...]

February, a month of change and good wines! 

07/02/2022 New on catalog

February is a strange month. It’s the shortest of the year, but can sometimes feel like it never ends. After the excitement of Christmas and the joy of celebrating the new year, we are suddenly h [...]

The latest news for the last month of the year

02/12/2021 New on catalog

Now is about the time we all start getting ready for Christmas. Gifts, decorations, clothes, food... Everything has to be perfect and ready to welcome our beloved relatives we might not have [...]

Autumn is here!

October has arrived, a month of transition where we get to enjoy the last of the good weather that is still hanging on. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. There’s d [...]

Heading “back to school” with recharged batteries

15/09/2021 New on catalog

Routine, a word that many of us hate, but the truth is, after a summer of excess, it’s not a bad thing. If there’s one thing we associate with September, it’s a return to normality. And although [...]

Latest wine news for a month of warmth weather

Here we are in July, the seventh month of the year when some lucky people go on holiday while others try to keep working in the heat. The forecast predicts a warmer July than we’re used to, so i [...]

New World Wines; a whole world waiting to be discovered

Although you might not see New World wines as often as you see some others, you’ve probably heard about their quality. These wines are made on other continents that might not have a long w [...]

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