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Aperitif-o-clock: the moment the world comes to a standstill

One of the best times of day is aperitif-o-clock. A moment to relax that we usually enjoy at weekends when we have more free time, and that starts before a meal. However, this ritual started a [...]

Books and wines, the best companions for this summer

We can be sure that summer has fully arrived and many people are thinking about going on holiday. This is a time when we can take a break and reconnect with our favourite hobbies. For all those [...]

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day, the patron saint of lovers

14/02/2022 Pairings , Special moments

It is thought that Valentine’s Day emerged as a purely commercial event, but celebrating this day has religious origins and dates back a long time. In the 3rd century in Rome, Emperor C [...]

Today is National Pizza Day!

09/02/2022 Pairings , Special moments

Pizza is, along with the burger, the most popular dish in the world. People say that traditional pizza, closest to what we eat today, originated in Naples and was first made in the 17th [...]

Today is World Chocolate Cake Day!

27/01/2022 Special moments

That’s right, January 27 is the perfect excuse to enjoy one of the most famous desserts in the world and there must be some chocolate fans around here.They say that there are more than 150 d [...]

Which are the best champagnes in the world?

French Champagnes! Two words that express a meaningful desire with sensations of luxury, glamour, elegance and celebration. Although this expression is redundant, because all champagnes are [...]

Which wine should I give as a gift?

The gift of wine always goes down well with people. With a knowledgeable friend, a demanding customer or even a kind neighbour... Wine is something that really cheers people up. But when it [...]

Sauvignon Blanc day, a celebration of this leading white variety

Since 2010, every first Friday in May has been World Sauvignon Blanc Day, the perfect occasion to remember how lovely this variety is and celebrate with the excellent wines it makes. The third [...]

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