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Aromas in wine

03/05/2023 The tasting

As Jean-Paul Guerlain, a legend in the perfume world, said, “A smell is the most intense type of memory”. When it comes to oenology, aromas have an important part to play because they are one of [...]

What do we mean when we talk about body in a wine?

26/04/2023 The tasting , Winemaking

The world of wine is complex and fascinating. When we’re just starting to learn about it, it can be difficult to understand some of the terms used by the more experienced. One of these terms is “ [...]

What causes sediment in wine?

15/02/2023 The tasting , Winemaking

You’re likely to have occasionally come across some sediment at the bottom of the bottle or in your glass. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it’s a defective or poor quality wine. These are just win [...]

What does colour tell us about a wine?

08/02/2023 The tasting , Winemaking

When we talk about colour in a wine, we can end up limiting our thoughts to the three main styles we usually choose from: white wine, rosé wine and red wine. And that’s not wrong, however, the co [...]

What do we mean when we talk about acidity in wine?

31/01/2023 The tasting , Winemaking

Although a strong acidic taste can be unpleasant, it is an essential component of wine. Without it, wine would have no life about it. We can sense it through our taste buds at the back of the [...]

Smooth red wine

17/08/2022 The tasting , Winemaking

More than once, in a store or a restaurant, you’ll have heard someone ask for a smooth red wine. Or, perhaps you yourself have used the expression, especially when you were starting out in wine c [...]

Wines for beginners

27/07/2022 Breaking news , The tasting

They say it is impossible to turn down something nice and, with this premise in mind, we can assure you that, to get started in the world of wine, it is important to start with the ones with [...]

What do we look for when we taste a wine?

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, to taste means to try, to savour something to examine its flavour or seasoning. However, when it comes to tasting, we are not just thinking about [...]

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