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Artículos sobre Decántalo

Sauvignon Blanc day, a celebration of this leading white variety

Since 2010, every first Friday in May has been World Sauvignon Blanc Day, the perfect occasion to remember how lovely this variety is and celebrate with the excellent wines it makes. The third [...]

International Pinotage Day: a New World variety

10/10/2020 Decántalo

Every second Saturday in October, we celebrate International Pinotage Day, and this is a great opportunity to discover one of the New World’s flagship varieties that is still largely unknown to m [...]

International Garnacha Day, a day to celebrate

17/09/2020 Decántalo

Written 17 September, 2020 by Núria Escofet Every third Friday in September, the Garnacha Association celebrates the International Day of this red variety. In 2020, this day falls on September [...]

We want to play our part in the fight against Covid-19

09/04/2020 Decántalo

At Decántalo, we have decided to donate part of our profits from March to the Hospital de la Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona. Healthcare teams and support staff are working hard to care for people aff [...]

Artadi Pagos Viejos. There’s no need to be a blue-blood to have class!

02/07/2012 Decántalo

At Decántalo, we’re excited to be offering you our new products: Pagos Viejos, by Bodega Artadi, directly arrived from the heart of the Rioja Alavesa Región at an exceptional price. And, since ta [...]

And finally, here we are!

13/04/2011 Decántalo

In this blog, you will have the opportunity of discovering this and much more, and it will be possible thanks to the cooperation of Quim Piera, oenologist, vine grower and enthusiast of wine and [...]