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Raíces Ibéricas : An Exploration of Spain's Indigenous Grape Varieties

08/05/2024 Production area , Wineries

Envision a sprawling tapestry of vineyards stretching across Spain, where over 70 indigenous grape varieties intertwine within more than 60 wine-producing regions. This is the vibrant canvas [...]

Getting to know Agustín Santolaya, general manager of Bodegas Roda

06/09/2023 Interviews , Wineries

Agustín Santolaya is a total gentleman. He embodies elegance, the gift of conversation and a passion for wine. Agustin is a kind, respectful and charismatic person; a great communicator who [...]

The best Rioja wines for under €10

11/01/2023 Breaking news , Wineries

When it comes to describing Rioja wines, words are superfluous. It is thanks to this Qualified Denomination of Origin that the eyes of the world finally turned attentively toward Spanish wines. [...]

Moët & Chandon, the most famous champagne brand in the world

07/12/2022 Wineries

Moët & Chandon is, without doubt, synonymous with champagne. It is the best known brand of the most popular and glamorous sparkling wine in the world. This fame is the result of more than 270 [...]

Gutiérrez Colosía, the last great winery on the edge of the Guadalete river

23/11/2022 Wineries

We know that Sherry Week 2022 had plenty to offer. Year after year this international wine festival delights guests with the quality of its wines, as well as for the very special stories and [...]

10 Priorat wines you should try at least once in your lifetime

18/05/2022 Production area , Wineries

At first people said that those who wanted to make the best wine in the world from a poor and abandoned land in Priorat were crazy, because this is a small region nestled in the mountains, in [...]

Parker points for a Spanish Mediterranean that is more captivating than ever

11/05/2022 Breaking news , Wineries

According to data from the Spanish Wine Federation, Spain is home to 13% of the world's vineyards (941,086 hectares). This country is responsible for 25% of Europe’s wine production and is the t [...]

The most admired wine brands in the world

20/04/2022 Breaking news , Wineries

For the past 12 years, the prestigious Drinks International magazine has been compiling and publishing the list of The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands, which features the names of the 50 most a [...]

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