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Bodegas Juan Gil is the originator of the group Juan Gil Bodegas Familiares (Gil Family Estates), which gives its name to a reduced group of small wineries scattered throughout the Spanish geography. These wineries have been incorporated into the family since 2002, with the common denominator of using native varieties, in addition to offering a cared-for image, and an unbeatable value for money within the niche where each of their projects is located. Juan Gil is a clear bet for an area of ​​great oenological interest, Jumilla, conceived under the philosophy of empowering the identity of the terroir, as well as the personality and the quality of the native variety, Monastrell.

More about Juan Gil

The development of the new and powerful firm Gil Family Estates started with the construction of the new winery Juan Gil in the area of Paraje de la Aragona, Jumilla. Years later, the Gil Family Estates project began with the aim of making signature wines. Subsequently, and over the years, a solid group has been formed. It is currently comprised by eight wineries under different denominations of origin, and the trade company Orowines. This way, Juan Gil Bodegas Familiares managed to combine a wide portfolio of Spanish wines with very different features and origins under one single brand. Through its wineries, Juan Gil Bodegas Familiares decidedly advocated for native varieties from the different and varied Spanish winegrowing regions. It especially makes a greater effort in the conservation of those old vineyards that make up the rich, although increasingly scarce, heritage of unique varieties in the different areas where they have their wineries. The different oenologists of each of the wineries are specialised in the production with the typical varieties of the areas, and the wines show the characteristics of the vineyards and areas where they come from. Currently, Juan Gil Bodegas Familiares is comprised of the wineries Juan Gil in Jumilla; Atalaya in Almansa; Ateca in Calatayud; Can Blau in Montsant; Shaya in Rueda; Tridente in Castilla y León; Orowines in Rías Baixas and Jumilla; and Lagar Da Condesa in Rías Baixas.

 History of the winery

The winery Juan Gil, the first one, was founded in Jumilla in 1916 by Juan Gil Jiménez. Today, the fourth generation, the children of Juan Gil González and Rosario Vera Candela, are the ones who direct the winery group. However, due to the premature death of their father, Rosario was in charge of giving continuity to the family project. Juan Gil Guerrero, son of the founder, and then his grandson Juan Gil González, were those who improved and consolidated the winery, applying the traditional business know-how passed down from parents to children.

wines Juan GilJuan Gil - wine

The winery is located on the road to Fuente Álamo, in the area of Paraje de la Aragona, in the surroundings of Jumilla. Its vineyards, next to the winery, allow the exhaustive monitoring of the evolution of the grape. The vineyards are located between 700 and 850 metres above sea level, on sandy-calcareous soils, stony on the surface and very poor in nutrients, with a great capacity to retain the little rainfall they have. This is the kingdom of the Monastrell, a typical variety of the region, present exclusively or in a very high percentage in all their wines. Along with the old vines, which are over 40 years old, and some other younger ones of the Monastrell variety, we can also find the varieties Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot andPetit Verdot, which perfectly adjust to the conditions of the land, and provide intense shades of spices and fruit.

The winery has all the modern means for the production of its wines. Currently, Bartolomé Abellán is the oenologist of the winery and the one in charge of coordinating the rest of the technical management teams of the GFE group.

Juan Gil - barricasJuan Gil - Sala barricas

Work philosophy

The policy of Bodegas Juan Gil is clear: low-yield old vineyards, some of them almost century-old, that produce concentrated wines, with body, but very balanced, with a lot of fruit. Made with care and know-how, they are amiable and very pleasant to drink, identified with their area and their terroir. Bodegas Juan Gil believes that wine is made in the vineyard, so the location of the winery and the vineyard allows the exhaustive monitoring of the grapes’ evolution, a necessary condition to achieve great wine. All of this, alongside low-yield old vineyards, where very small bunches and berries with great concentration are achieved, manual harvesting in small boxes, and a later selection of bunches and grapes at the entrance of the winery. However, at Juan Gil they also understand that the new way of making wine needs cutting-edge technology, such as rigorous control of the temperature in winemaking, stainless steel deposits and excellent hygienic conditions throughout the process, which ensure the quality standards of their wines each year.

Juan Gil paisaje del campoJuan Gil paisage de la bodega

Wines from Bodegas Juan Gil

The wines from Juan Gil stand out for their marked character, a direct result of Jumilla's conditions:

Juan Gil Moscatel Seco
 is a young white wine made with small-grain Muscatel, vinified in stainless steel deposits for 25 days with a maximum temperature of 15ºC. Once the fermentation process has ended, in remains in refrigerated deposits until it is bottled. This wine has elegant and fresh aromas of stone and tropical fruit (peach, apricot, pineapple), citrus and white flowers. In the mouth, it is clean, harmonious and tasty. Very fresh and fruity, with an interesting acidity and presence of citrus, amiable and with a long-lasting finish that invites you to continue drinking.

Honoro Vera is a young red wine made with Monastrell and vinified in stainless steel deposits for 15 days at a maximum temperature of 25ºC. It goes through the malolactic fermentation in deposits. On the nose, very attractive fruity aromas stand out, with touches of ripe fruit. A very good structure in the mouth, lively and balanced, with the typical Mediterranean notes of the variety.

Honoro Vera Organic is also a young red wine made with organic Monastrell. On the nose, the attractive floral aromas stand out, with hints of ripe fruit and a balsamic background. It is balanced and fresh in the mouth, lively and tasty, with a suitable acidity and noble tannins from the ripe fruit.

Juan Gil - videsJuan Gil - vinos y bodegas

Juan Gil Yellow Label is an oak red wine made with Monastrell, aged for 4 months in French and American oak barrels. Powerful on the nose, clean and complex, with ripe fruit aromas and nuances of new wood. Well constituted in the mouth, with a good structure, lively and tasty. With body, balanced, a pleasant mid-palate and very good persistence.

Juan Gil Silver Label is made with Monastrell and it is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. It has powerful aromas of ripe red fruit, roasted notes, spices and smoked notes. It has a great structure, it is mature and sweet, powerful, tasty and elegant. A good entry into the mouth and very persistent, with the fruity sweetness of the Monastrell.

Juan Gil Blue Label is mainly made with grapes from very old Monastrell vines of low yield, just as the vines of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, planted at around 700 metres of altitude, with an ageing of 18 months in French and American oak barrels. It is a very concentrated wine, complex and very elegant at the same time.

Situation of Juan Gil

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