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Unveiling María Vargas, Technical Director of Marqués de Murrieta

24/04/2024 Interviews

Passion, rigor, and plenty of patience. For Maria Vargas, the most important thing is to listen to the wine and give it the necessary time to show its potential. And she proves it in each of her [...]

Eloi Cedó and Nacho Martínez, Winners of the Vila Viniteca Tasting Award 2023

28/02/2024 Interviews

In the enthralling realm of wine, where each bottle narrates its own distinctive tale, it is often the bond between individuals that truly enhances the experience. For Eloi Cedó and Nacho [...]

Getting to know Fredi Torres, winegrower and head of Vinos OFF the Record

31/01/2024 Breaking news , Interviews

If you had to choose one word to describe Fredi Torres, it would be unstoppable. A Swiss DJ with a Galician heart who, aside from music, has a passion for wine running through his veins. Wine [...]

Discovering Meritxell Falgueras, communicator and sommelier

10/01/2024 Interviews

Just like the successful HBO series "Sex and the City" that broke the mold in the nineties, Meritxell Falgueras approaches the world of wine with a feminine, modern and unabashed look. As the [...]

Getting to know Pepe Raventós, Managing Director of Raventós i Blanc

13/12/2023 Interviews , Winemaking

We all know we can’t escape our roots. Someone who knows that well is Pepe Raventós. The son and grandson of one of the longest family lines of sparkling wine production in Sant Sadurní (capital [...]

Getting to know César Saldaña, president of the Jerez Regulatory Council

César Saldaña, president of the Regulatory Council of the Jerez-Xérès-Sherry, Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Vinagre de Jerez Denominations of Origin, is a tireless champion and is cons [...]

Getting to know Marcos Eguren, Sierra Cantabria’s Technical Director

04/10/2023 Interviews

As the fourth generation of a family dedicated to the world of wine in Rioja since 1870, it seems that everything was set out for his professional career. However, this winemaker and owner of [...]

Getting to know Agustín Santolaya, general manager of Bodegas Roda

06/09/2023 Interviews , Wineries

Agustín Santolaya is a total gentleman. He embodies elegance, the gift of conversation and a passion for wine. Agustin is a kind, respectful and charismatic person; a great communicator who [...]

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