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The best Rioja wines for under €10

11/01/2023 Breaking news , Wineries

When it comes to describing Rioja wines, words are superfluous. It is thanks to this Qualified Denomination of Origin that the eyes of the world finally turned attentively toward Spanish wines. [...]

The best wines of 2022

28/12/2022 Breaking news , Winemaking

We are about to say goodbye to 2022 and, as usual, it is time to take stock and remember the great moments of the year. Let’s take a look together at the wines and sparkling wines that have had e [...]

Aperitif-o-clock: the moment the world comes to a standstill

One of the best times of day is aperitif-o-clock. A moment to relax that we usually enjoy at weekends when we have more free time, and that starts before a meal. However, this ritual started a [...]

Recipes with red wine

24/08/2022 Breaking news , Winemaking

We all know that wine is the best companion for food, but we also need to remember that it makes an excellent ingredient too. We can use wine to macerate, caramelise and bring together dishes in [...]

Wines for beginners

27/07/2022 Breaking news

They say it is impossible to turn down something nice and, with this premise in mind, we can assure you that, to get started in the world of wine, it is important to start with the ones with [...]

Wines for cooking, the elite ingredients

06/07/2022 Breaking news , Pairings

It is well known that wine has an important part to play at the dinner table, but what many don’t realise is that this famous liquid is also an elite cooking ingredient. Many great pairings s [...]

Books and wines, the best companions for this summer

We can be sure that summer has fully arrived and many people are thinking about going on holiday. This is a time when we can take a break and reconnect with our favourite hobbies. For all those [...]

Parker points for a Spanish Mediterranean that is more captivating than ever

11/05/2022 Breaking news , Wineries

According to data from the Spanish Wine Federation, Spain is home to 13% of the world's vineyards (941,086 hectares). This country is responsible for 25% of Europe’s wine production and is the t [...]

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