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Calvados - the Original Apple Distillate from Normandy

Calvados is a distilled spirit made from distillation of apple or pear cider in stills, in the French region of Normandy. Once the liquor has been obtained, it is aged in oak barrels for at least two years, up to even twenty years.
Calvados can be classified depending on the ageing time as: Fine or VS (Very Special), if it has been aged for between 2-3 years; Vieux or Réserve, if the wine has been aged for over three years; VO (Very Old), VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) or Vieille Réserve, for a calvados that has been aged for at least four years; and Extra, XO, Napoleón, Hors d’ âge, Très Vielle Réserve or Très Vieux when it has been aged for at least 6 years.

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