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Don't miss our articles on the world of wine. Wineries, production types, wine regions, pairings, interviews with the top professionals in the winemaking world and all the latest wine news.

Artículos sobre Winemaking

#PonmeOtroRioja, diverse as ever, the usual nevermore

03/05/2024 Winemaking

During celebrations, moments of relaxation, in good company... You've likely found yourself saying, “I'll have another, please”, requesting another glass of the same delightful wine you've been e [...]

Exploring the Enthralling Realm of Orange Wines

03/04/2024 Winemaking

Orange wines are currently the talk of the town, and deservedly so. These unique wines represent an exhilarating return to the roots of winemaking, challenging conventional norms with their [...]

Great wine pioneers: Louis Pasteur

20/03/2024 Winemaking

"Wine is the most healthful and hygienic of beverages. It nourishes, heals, and enlivens." These words were not spoken by just anyone, but were asserted by Louis Pasteur, considered the father [...]

How will climate change affect wine?

14/02/2024 Winemaking

Have you ever wondered how climate change will impact your favorite glass of wine? It's a topic on everyone's lips, and for good reason. Climate change is no longer a distant concern; it's a [...]

Great wine pioneers: Dom Pérignon

Welcome to an exciting journey through the pages of wine history, where we will explore the lives and legacies of the pioneers who transformed the winemaking world and whose love of wine and [...]

Getting to know Pepe Raventós, Managing Director of Raventós i Blanc

13/12/2023 Interviews , Winemaking

We all know we can’t escape our roots. Someone who knows that well is Pepe Raventós. The son and grandson of one of the longest family lines of sparkling wine production in Sant Sadurní (capital [...]

Where was wine born? A journey through its history

Did you know that humans invented wine before the wheel? Wine, that magical drink that has accompanied humankind for centuries, has its roots in ancient times. Although it is difficult to [...]

Sweet wines of the world, pure seduction!

The world of wine is a fascinating and diverse universe that offers a wide range of flavours and experiences. There is one corner where sweetness becomes an art, where the balance between sugar [...]

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