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Enhancing Your Olfactory Skills for Wine Tasting

17/04/2024 Wine service

The sense of smell is an incredibly powerful faculty, with the ability to evoke memories and emotions in the blink of an eye. A single scent has the power to transport us to bygone moments, [...]

How to uncork a wine and not die trying

27/04/2022 Wine service

Are you one of those who would exclaim, “Not without my electric corkscrew!” every time you have to open a bottle of wine? Do you get stage fright when all you have to hand is a two-step cor [...]

What do we look for when we taste a wine?

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, to taste means to try, to savour something to examine its flavour or seasoning. However, when it comes to tasting, we are not just thinking about [...]

Why are bottles 75 cl.?

01/06/2021 Wine service

There are at least 10 different sizes of wine bottles with the most common being the 75 cl bottle. Have you ever wondered why? The answers to this question are strange and one of the most [...]

5 fail-safe ways to uncork wine bottles without a corkscrew

25/08/2020 Wine service

Relaxing, walking on the beach, out in the countryside, mini breaks. An impromptu dinner, a picnic with friends… you’ve brought the perfect wine but no corkscrew! Don’t worry, here are 5 fail- [...]

How to cool wine quickly. 5 failsafe tips

14/07/2020 Wine service

Have your guests arrived before you’ve remembered to cool the wine? Don’t panic! Here at Decántalo, we want to give you a few tips you can use to get your drinks to the right temperature as quic [...]

How to serve wine

10/07/2020 Wine service

When serving wine, the protocol to follow is anything but free. It’s a whole service ritual which, apart from providing some psychological connotations of exalting the wine, serves, above all, t [...]

What is a Sommelier?

29/05/2020 Wine service

June 3rd is International Sommelier Day. This date was chosen to commemorate the foundation of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) in France in 1969. It is the largest [...]

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