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What are we talking about when we say Super Tuscans?

20/09/2023 Production area

A conversation about Tuscany (Italy) is undoubtedly a journey through a region of astonishing natural and unique cultural beauty, rich in history, art and breathtaking landscapes, covered with [...]

Getting to know Agustín Santolaya, general manager of Bodegas Roda

06/09/2023 Interviews , Wineries

Agustín Santolaya is a total gentleman. He embodies elegance, the gift of conversation and a passion for wine. Agustin is a kind, respectful and charismatic person; a great communicator who [...]

Ancient sparkling wines: a return to the origins

30/08/2023 Winemaking

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives, the essence of “Kinfolk” emerges, an invitation to reconnect with our roots and embrace a simpler approach to living. This trend, which ori [...]

Demystifying the most common wine myths

16/08/2023 Breaking news

The world of wine is full of charm and mystery, but also of myths and urban legends that can influence our perceptions and experiences.  It is time to correct these misconceptions, which also [...]

5 little-known wine regions with exceptional wines

02/08/2023 Breaking news , Winemaking

In the vast and fascinating world of wine there are wine regions that might not be hidden treasures, and don’t get the same attention as Bordeaux, Napa Valley, Tuscany and Rioja; but there are c [...]

Discovering Delfí Sanahuja, technical director and winemaker in Perelada

19/07/2023 Interviews

For 30 vintages now, Delfí Sanahuja has been the esteemed winemaker in Perelada, a renowned winery in Empordà that celebrates its 100th anniversary this year and premiers their spectacular f [...]

The influence of soil on wine

05/07/2023 Winemaking

The making of a good wine begins in the vineyard. Elements as important as selecting grape varieties, and each of the decisions made in the vineyard, have a significant impact on the final [...]

Fernando Mora MW and founder of Bodegas Frontonio

21/06/2023 Interviews

There are many kinds of love at first sight, but Fernando Mora's was straight from a movie. It all started with a wine tour and, from that very weekend, it was clear to him; he would leave [...]

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