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The best Rioja wines for under €10

11/01/2023 Breaking news , Wineries

When it comes to describing Rioja wines, words are superfluous. It is thanks to this Qualified Denomination of Origin that the eyes of the world finally turned attentively toward Spanish wines. The wines of the DOCa Rioja remain as relevant as ever despite the passage of time, transmitting tradition and landscape in harmony with the avant garde and creativity brought by new generations of winemakers. Rioja always has a surprise in store and, strange as it may seem, you can actually find some excellent wines at very attainable prices. Rioja is also highly accessible; allow us to give you some examples.

Here we present an interesting selection of Rioja wines that you can find for less than 10 euros (Spanish price).

Ready to discover them for yourself?

10 Rioja wines for under 10 euros

1. Ramón Bilbao Crianza

Placing a Ramón Bilbao on the table is always a success. It is one of Rioja's century-old wineries that guarantees quality and whose style, a renewed classic, never goes out of fashion. That's why Ramón Bilbao Crianza is a safe bet. A very accessible, velvety, and tasty red wine that appeals to the most experienced palates and represents a way to delve into the spirit of Rioja, one of the most admired wine appellations in the world, for all those who are beginning to explore the world of wine.

2. Ad Libitum Maturana Tinta

The Maturana variety is not as well known as Tempranillo, but it constitutes a fundamental part of the classic Rioja coupage. In Ad Libitum Maturana Tinta, winemaker Juan Carlos Sancha gives full prominence to this endangered Rioja grape in this single varietal red which also has a great deal to say for itself. A rarity of limited production, originating from vines planted at altitude (565 metres) in calcareous soils, ideal for those who prefer something slightly unconventional that offers a surprise in the form of a little gem that is well within the reach of the masses.

3. El Coto 875m 

Rioja is about more than just reds; fortunately, we can also find many Rioja white wines that will leave us pleasantly surprised. What is more, El Coto 875m is a wine unlike the whites usually found in the Rioja region. It is made using the Chardonnay variety, which although not one of the representative grapes of the region, has found a good home in vineyards located at 875 metres above sea level, the highest in the appellation, where a continental climate prevails, bringing freshness to the wines produced there. El Coto 875m is a white wine that has all the elegance of its oak ageing while still respecting the fruity and aromatic expression of the Chardonnay variety to the maximum.

4. Izadi Larrosa Negra

Izadi is a winery that bets on quality wines and where they are also passionate about gastronomy, so they have a wide variety of styles that offer versatility when pairing with different moments of life. Izadi Larrosa Negra is a commitment to Riojan Grenache that takes center stage in this single-varietal, offering us all the fruity character of Rioja Alavesa that we love so much, at a scandalously affordable price. A modern, high-quality red wine that fits perfectly into everyday life without unbalancing the budget.

5. Muga Rosado

While we’re on the subject of rosé wines, there’s a great deal of knowledge in the Rioja region. Major wineries are venturing into the production of high quality Rioja rosé wines. Muga Rosado is made from Grenache and a touch of Viura and, after fermentation in small oak vats, is left on its lees for 16 weeks. A delicate, floral, elegant rosé wine with an exquisite colour that has attracted the attention of the tasters at The Wine Advocate and is backed by the high-quality support of Muga, a legendary Rioja winery and birthplace of great wines. A rosé wine that spirits you away to spring no matter the season.

6. Bozeto de Exopto 

The Latin meaning of exopto is "to desire fervently". But the desire of this young Rioja winery is already a well-established reality. Its objective is to recover old vines and work them in a sustainable manner to obtain honest and authentic wines such as Bozeto de Exopto, described by the winery as a wine of pleasure, easy to understand, and also very highly rated by Tim Atkin, an acclaimed Master of Wine. A sweet red brimming with fruit accompanied by delicious mineral nuances, this one is truly worth more than its price.

7. Finca San Martín

You may not recognize the name much or at all, but what if we tell you that Torre de Oña, the winery that produces it, belongs to the La Rioja Alta group? We're sure we've captured your attention.

Finca San Martín is a small gem that deserves to be discovered, not only for its taste but also for its excellent price-quality ratio. A red wine that has been rated with 91 points by Tim Atkin, James Suckling, and Robert Parker, and costs less than €10! Balanced, juicy, and fruity, there are plenty of reasons to give it a try.

8. Viña Real Crianza

Viña Real is a winery in Rioja Alavesa with over 100 years of experience, and it also forms part of CVNE, a legendary temple of Rioja wine. Viña Real Crianza is one of Rioja's most contemporary classic reds. It never goes out of style! Renowned wine critic James Suckling has awarded this wine 93 points and describes it as long and concentrated, with floral and citrus (orange peel) aromas, polished and intense. A red wine that never disappoints and that represents the perfect gateway to the world of enjoyment of the great wines of Rioja.

9. Artuke

A Rioja wine with 92 Parker points for less than 10 euros? Indeed! This is Artuke. A carbonic maceration wine (made from red grapes, with a small portion of white grapes) that is a true tribute to this very Riojan winemaking technique destined for immediate consumption wines, fruity, sweet and very fresh, which shows us that even in this style we can find wines of great quality. A velvety and juicy red wine, that offers a lot for very little. Check it out!

10. Monte Real Blanco Fermentado con Barrica

Monte Real Blanco Fermentado con Barrica is another of the great Rioja white wines that can be purchased for less than 10 euros and that has been rated 92 points by the James Suckling team of tasters. Produced by Bodegas Riojanas, a true institution in Rioja with more than a century of winemaking tradition, Monte Real Blanco Fermentado con Barrica is a bright and creamy wine, complex and subtle, that unites the very best qualities of the Viura and Malvasia varieties accompanied by the elegant nuances provided by its fermentation in barrels. 

For now, we’ve come to the end of our tour of Rioja wines whose surprising value for money allows us to enjoy a wonderful gateway to one of the most fascinating and renowned wine regions in the world. Allow us to remind you that at Decántalo, you can also find more Rioja wines that are guaranteed to surprise you.