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Summer wines

16/06/2020 Breaking news

White, rosé or red. Light wines make the perfect summer drink. That is because when the weather warms up, what you really want are wines with softer textures and fresher flavours. So, here are our recommendations of some high scoring wines. Five wines that just smell like summer the second you open them.

summer wines

5 fresh summer wines

Tragolargo Blanco 2019

Winemakers Andrés Carull and Marta Ribera from Casa Balaguer-Vinessens have made this orange wine using native varieties from Alicante. It is a pleasant, young and easy to drink wine. And as the name ‘Tragolargo’ suggests, it is perfect for hot summer afternoons. An orange wine from a Mediterranean climate.

Strohmeier Lys-Rod nº30 2019

Although Austrians Franz and Christine Strohmeier are mainly known for making fantastic white wines, the local red varieties also work very well. These red varieties are used for this natural rosé wine, which is made in used wooden barrels and radiates freshness and fruitiness.

La Salada Roig Boig 2019

With the usual strong emphasis on his native land and minimal intervention, Toni Carbó from La Salada has produced this blend of Penedès native varieties in their most natural expression. A juicy, light and soft-bodied young red wine that will leave you wanting more. Who said that reds are not for summer?

Trans Douro Express Baixo Corgo 2018

Portuguese winemaker Mateus Nicolau de Almeida has produced Trans Douro Express, an interesting collection of wines that express the different climates of the Douro River sub-regions. This particular wine comes from the coolest area of the Duero. This fresh, juicy red wine is aged in a cement tank and has brilliant acidity.

Puszta Libre! 2017

A great champion of Burgenland’s unique terroir and local varieties, Claus Preisinger is a promising new Austrian producer. Fresh, fruity and easy to drink, this young red wine is the perfect summer drink. A tribute to the viticulture of yesteryear!

Now that we have given you some recommendations for this summer, remember that wine is a live product that can be altered by excessive exposure to the sun or by high temperatures. Here at Decántalo, we know this, and we always take maximum care of our wines so that they reach their destination in the best possible condition. Once at home, we recommend that you store your wines in a dark place, at a stable temperature between 14 and 20ºC and in a horizontal position so that the cork is in contact with the wine. That means when you are ready to open them, you only have to worry about following our recommendations for serving temperatures and they will be ready to be enjoyed this summer as they should be.