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Raíces Ibéricas : An Exploration of Spain's Indigenous Grape Varieties

08/05/2024 Production area , Wineries

Envision a sprawling tapestry of vineyards stretching across Spain, where over 70 indigenous grape varieties intertwine within more than 60 wine-producing regions. This is the vibrant canvas from which Raíces Ibéricas beckons us to delve into the very soul of Spanish wine, exploring its most authentic grapes.

Are you ready to embark on this journey?

Calatayud, the Journey's Commencement

Let us begin our odyssey in Calatayud, a wine region in the province of Zaragoza. Amidst the barren soils and vineyards scaling the slopes of mountains that seem to graze the heavens, we find the starting point of our voyage. It is here that Mark Schiettekat, the Belgian visionary behind Raíces Ibéricas, fell in love with this land, its people, and the exquisite Garnachas that embellish it, vowing to unearth the hidden treasures nestled within the Spanish vineyards.

Mark's Vow

Mark, a true entrepreneur, embarked on his journey in 1983 with his own venture in the marketing of Spanish wines. Yet, it was in 1996, following a visit to Calatayud, when he made a pledge that, over two decades later, has blossomed into an exhilarating dream realized: the crafting of Spanish wines that convey the authenticity and richness of their indigenous grapes, some nearly obscure and whose full potential remains to be unveiled.

Since then, Mark has tirelessly traversed Spanish territory, convinced of the vast potential of its vineyards. Since 1998, he has been producing wines that encapsulate the essence of various Spanish locales.

The Human Touch and the Fulfilled Promise

Raíces Ibéricas required a sanctuary to fulfill its mission, and it found one in a cooperative in the village of Maluenda, a stone's throw from Calatayud. This strategic location not only provides the perfect backdrop for cultivating the enthralling Garnachas that captivate Mark's heart: slate soils, high-altitude vineyards, and a continental climate; it also serves as a place to experiment with individual plots, various types of vats, or aging processes for their wines.

But Raíces Ibéricas is not merely a viticultural project, it is also a commitment to the people and traditions of each region they operate in; a dedication to the legacy of bygone generations and ensuring a prosperous future for these communities.

Experience the Enchantment of Raíces Ibéricas

From the well-known Spanish varietals such as Tempranillo, Garnacha, Albariño, Mencía, or Verdejo, to scarcely unearthed vinicultural gems like Rufete, Albarín, Malvar, Bobal, or Juan García, Raíces Ibéricas (Iberian Roots) is a winery that offers a singular journey to discover the true essence of Spain in each glass. We invite you to immerse yourself in the history, passion, and tradition that breathe life into these exceptional wines. Allow yourself to be swept away by the charm of Raíces Ibéricas' Spanish wine heritage!