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What does a wine with 100 Parker points taste like?

15/01/2020 Breaking news

You will almost definitely recognise the name, it is likely you have come across wines that have been judged by him. Robert Parker with his ratings, has become one of the most important figures in the winemaking world; you might have gone looking for his ratings or looked for a sticker on a bottle of wine showing his score to decide whether or not to buy a particular wine, but…

robert parker

Who is Robert Parker?

Robert McDowell Parker Jr. is an American lawyer with a passion for wine who, while still a law student, went on a summer trip to Alsace to visit his then girlfriend and now wife and discovered the wonderful world of wine. He fell in love in this place, where he found a broader wine culture than existed in the United States at that time, where consumers had little or no information and were confused when it came to choosing wines. There was also no familiarity with classifications.

In 1975, Parker started writing a wine guide where he tried to act as “a lawyer for the consumer”, adding his personal notes and assessments and creating the famous scoring system that is still in use today and that saw him become the most influential wine critic in the world. And that is how The Wine Advocate was born. It is also often known as “The Parker Guide”. The publication has been so successful that there is currently a group of specialist tasters who work for it by testing wines around the world, from every possible region and style.

Robert Parker Jr. announced his formal retirement from “The Wine Advocate” in May 2019.

How does the scoring system created by Robert Parker work?

This prestigious publication’s tasters use a scale that goes from 50 to 100 Parker points to rate the wines, and we will try and give you a simple explanation:

96-100: extraordinary wines that might even be difficult to find.

90-95: great wines that are complex and full of character.

80-89: good wines with characteristics that put them above average.

70-79: technically correct, simple wines, with little to set them apart and perhaps some imperfections.

60-69: below average wines, with imperfections.

50-59: wines considered to be unacceptable, with defects.

Is a wine with 100 Parker Points expensive or unattainable?

Not necessarily. There are many more questions we could ask here, before giving a simple answer. For example, what is an expensive wine?

To make wine of the highest quality, you need excellent ingredients as the starting point. Many great wines come from very low production vineyards that are located in areas machinery cannot reach; beautiful landscapes but where heroic, risky, dangerous harvests take place. Many of these wines may have had to go through years of aging and years of resting in the winery to reach the extraordinary quality they have when the cork finally comes out. They are wines made through patience and hard work. These wines are both unique, and very exciting. How can you put a price on all of that?

It is important to note that the price does not necessarily mean a high score because there are so many factors involved in the rating. There are wines that have more than 90 Parker Points and are excellent value for money. Just as Parker’s ratings have ruined the reputation of some of the most expensive and sought-after wines in the world, they have also surprised people by awarding high scores to wines that sell for no more than 20 dollars.

What does a wine with 100 Parker points taste like?

Keep reading to find out what our top 5 Spanish wines with 100 Parker points are so you can pick out and enjoy the experience of trying wines that have impressed the experienced tasters from this famous publication.

1. Don PX Convento Selección

A wine with history.

It is hard to believe that to drink this nectar is to enjoy the produce of Pedro Ximénez grapes that were harvested and dehydrated under the sun in the middle of World War II. Bottled in September 2011, this is a concentrated and very complex wine that is full of umami. A sweet, balanced and smooth wine on the palate, with saline nuances, great elegance and plenty of extraordinary life left in it. A fortified wine that will be around for eternity!

2. Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial Blanco 1986

For those who say that white wines can’t age.

Luis Gutiérrez, an experienced taster for “The Wine Advocate” says that “Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Blanco is one of the best white wines ever made in Spain”. This wine, from the 1986 vintage, went on the market in 1995 but most of it stayed in oak barrels for 21 years followed by six more years in cement deposits before being bottled. An extraordinary wine made with the Viura (Macabeo) and Malvasía Riojana (also known as Alarije) varieties. A wine with a powerful and elegant palate. In short, it is perfect!

3. Clos Erasmus 2013

Pure rock and roll

Daphne Glorian was born in Paris, grew up in Bern and fell in love with Priorat. In 1988, she met René Barbier and Álvaro Palacios and formed a team. She was the only woman in the famous “magnificent 5”, along with Josep Lluís Pérez and Carles Pastrana. They all played their part in reviving this designation of origin. And that is where this spectacular Erasmus Clos wine comes from. It was made in collaboration with the renowned winemaker Ester Nin with her 2004 vintage and was the first in Spain to be awarded 100 Parker points, followed by the 2005 vintage receiving the same score. So it seems right that this is considered one of the most valued wines in the world. An elegant treasure from Priorat!

4. Pingus 2016

Duero purity

Peter Sisseck, a Danish agronomist and founder of Dominio de Pingus described this as a perfect wine! And Luis Gutiérrez, Spanish wine taster for “The Wine Advocate”, says the same. He sampled this extraordinary wine while it was still in the barrel and where it was already showing qualities that placed it among the best, if not the best “Pingus” made to date. A precise, elegant wine, which despite its youth has an impeccable integration of oak and is overflowing with purity and freshness.

5. Rumbo al Norte 2016

…to infinity and beyond.

For some time now, the Comando G team have been revolutionising the wine world, mostly through the subtlety and elegance of their GarnachasRumbo al Norte is a limited production wine that gets people talking. This is an almost magical wine that is powerful and balanced with a mineral touch that expresses the Sierra de Gredos landscape it comes from. Tasters from “The Wine Advocate” predict that this wine has great bottle-aging potential.

Comando G: “G” for Garnacha, Gredos, Granito and even Glory!

But wine lovers don’t just live off wines with 100 Parker Points

Why not have a look at our selection of wines with Parker points. You will be surprised by the range of quality wines with high scores that are not difficult to get your hands on! =)