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Vins Nus and Vella Terra Wine Fairs

15/02/2018 Breaking news

vellaterra02 We’re in luck! Two excellent fairs of traditionally-made wines have been held in Barcelona on the 11th and 12th of February, Vins Nus i Vella Terra. This was a great opportunity to see (and taste) the current scene for this type of wine. On Sunday, we visited the incredible premises of Nau Bostik, where Vins Nus took place. Spanish and European winemakers gathered to present us with their new vintages. Throughout the day, a lively atmosphere started to show. Professionals and aficionados were able to try wines in a relaxed and informal way. We had the chance to taste very nice wines, which we talk about below. “Los Comuns”. These two friends make fresh wines in one of the warmest areas of Priorat and Montsant. We would also like to point out those made by Amós Bañeres, who produces easy to drink wines in Penedés. From their basic Vinyerons (with a small amount from the previous vintage) to their magnificent single-plot wine, “Vinya Oculta”. However, if what you really enjoy is trying different varieties, we recommend the winery “Carlania” for their knowledge on how to extract all the potential of the Trepat from the area of Conca de Barberà. Finally, a pioneer of natural wines in Spain, Barranco Oscuro. Located at 1,300 metres of altitude, it has the ideal conditions for organic cultivation. vellaterra01 On Monday we changed scenario. We went to Vella Terra, in the also emblematic Estación del Norte. In its third year, it has established itself as a reference fair within the circuit of fairs for wines of this type. We enjoyed another amazing get-together of winemakers and artisans from a wide range of places. And once again, we had the chance to taste wines full of character. Among others, we have to highlight a few wine producers whose wines we were especially excited to try. Let’s start with the new vintages of La Salada and the wines from Mas Candí, as well as their sparkling wines. We are always impressed by the finesse of their wines, and how precise they are, year after year. The Sicus winery, for the style of their wines, with ageing in amphorae and low alcoholic strength that gives them a firm tannin. Cosmic. After the years, their wines gain shape and complexity. Great job! The vintages by 4 Kilos always show us the way to the excellent finesse they have achieved. Congratulations! On another hand, the winery Mendall de Laureano Serres continues to make wines with a lot of character. This time, they had just been bottled and they were somewhat irregular, but we’re sure that they will get back into place with the time they spend in the bottle. The projects by Pepe Raventós, called Pepe Raventós and Can Sumoi, seek the less interventionist part of production. The first of the projects bears the name of its creator. It is made at his own house of Sant Sadurni. The second of the projects, Can Sumoi, is produced in Serra del Montmell, also in Penedés. The results are excellent. Easy to drink and fresh wines for all tastes. From France, Mathieu Lapierre was also present. Genetics are evident, since he is the son of one of the main names of this movement. Gamay in its pure state. And to finish off, Recaredo. What can be say about their increasingly concentrated and long wines and cavas? We obviously still have a lot to discover. To sum up, these fairs were of excellent quality. We found magnificent wineries, and a great cast of customers and consumers of the wine scene. We would like to thank the organisers for turning Barcelona into the world capital of traditionally-made wines during these two days. We hope we can continue to attend these initiatives in the future.

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