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27/10/2017 Breaking news


The Guide’s annual showroom has just been held with great participation, both of exhibitors and visitors. We could not miss out on such a magnificent event, and we arrived on time to taste the wines with Peñin points. Thank goodness! Because there were quite long queues at the entrance.

This year, the event has grown in number of wineries, so they have divided into 3 areas depending on the scores. Podium wines, unique wines and area for excellent wines. We all went our own ways so we could taste wines from all the wineries we had planned. We will point out the most outstanding ones:

Frontonio and Cuevas de Arom: This was one of the novelties we discovered last year. We wanted to taste them again to see their evolution. They continue unstoppable, trying to show their wines in a faithful way in Valdejalon, and now in Campo de Borja with Cuevas de Arom. They continue with their unrelenting evolution.
Palacio Quemado: One of the most interesting projects of Grupo Alvear in Extremadura. This winery is being advised by Roberto and Alfonso, from the Envinate project. And you can tell. Juicy and fluid wines; La Zarcita is a good representation.
Clos Mogador / Espectacle: It has been and will be one of the great references of Priorat. They are still on the podium of the best Spanish wines. For us, the great wine of the showcase was Espectacle 2014. An impeccable wine that we have scored with 98 points at Decántalo.
Dominio do Bibei: This winery has been faithful to its style since its creation. Fino wines made with native varieties in Ribeira Sacra. Their very limited Lapena stood out. Complex, lingering and with a long life ahead.
Domaine Lupier: One of the best Grenaches of the Iberian Peninsula is located in Navarre. We were able to confirm this with its two wines, El Terroir 2014 (94) and La Dama 2014 (96). Wines from old vineyards cultivated organically and on different soils. Ready to make you a fan of the Grenache variety.
Raventos i Blanc: We had the opportunity to try several vintages of Manuel Raventós Negra, 2010, 2008, 2007 and 1998. It was a pleasant surprise to see how well these sparkling wines age. Also noteworthy were Texturas de Pedra, a Blanc de Noirs with freshness and aromas of red fruit that make it very special.
Recaredo: It is always a pleasure to revisit this winery. Both in white and sparkling wines, they have become masters of the Xarello variety. We must note the Aloers 2016, with an aromatic citric touch provided by the skins; very interesting. Regarding sparkling wines, Brut de Brut Serrat Vell 2007 has an excellent balsamic character.
Compañía de vinos de Telmo Rodríguez: This winery is full of pleasant novelties, especially in the Rioja project. They have created the winery Bodega Lanzaga, and there they are making some magnificent wines. From its basic wine LZ to their new wines from unique plots of their property, Tabuerniga 2014 and La Estrada 2014 (if you love calcareous wines, this one is made for you).
Pago de Carraovejas: We found their new philosophy very interesting, as well as their approach towards bottling from different farms. They will leave the labels of Crianza and Reserva to give way to their “vinos de paraje”. A big step forward. Congratulations! We tried the new vintages that are just about to hit the market and that are starting to reflect the change.
Belondrade Y Lurtón: Didier Belondrade was one of the pioneers in revaluing the Rueda area, and it continues to be this way. Their wines have been refined over the years, and the ageing gives the fruit an elegant complexity. Great job!
Gramona: Enoteca Gramona has achieved the best score of the guide, and we can see why! Its sparkling wines of long ageing are complex and with a long life ahead, an Enoteca 2002 still in its youth.
Zárate: One of the purest Albariños is made by Eulogio Pomares, and we always want to try their slightly-mineral wines. Their farm, Balado, reflects the strong influence of granite soil in Salnés.
Pazo Señorans: We finish our day trying a wine that elevates the Albariño variety to one of the great varieties of the peninsula. Pazo Señorans Selección Añada 2009 proves it, with an unprecedented depth and freshness for its 8 years of life.

It was a great day to meet new wines and people. An event we will surely return to next year, as the standard of wineries and wines is very high.