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The latest news for the last month of the year

02/12/2021 New on catalog

Now is about the time we all start getting ready for Christmas. Gifts, decorations, clothes, food... Everything has to be perfect and ready to welcome our beloved relatives we might not have seen for a long time. On occasions like this, our wine pairings must be perfect too. Here at Decántalo, we would recommend welcoming your guests with the trendiest new wines for this festive month. Wines and sparkling wines that are ready to serve at your party.

5 recommendations for the Christmas holidays

Palacios Remondo Propiedad

Álvaro Palacios, one of the leading names on the Spanish wine scene, took over the family winery in Alfaro (D.O.Ca. Rioja) and now showcases the full potential of Rioja’s Garnacha grape from La Propiedad. A complex and elegant red wine that comes from unique old vines and, of course, from people full of experience and expertise.

Atamisque Serbal Pinot Noir

In the Uco Valley, on the well-known Wine Route, we find the Atamisque estate. This winery is owned by John Du Monceau and his wife Chantal and is called “Serbal” or “Lady of the Mountains”, which refers to a magical tree from Celtic mythology that can grow up to 15 metres tall. This is where they make their youngest and fruitiest range from vines planted at 1,300 metres above sea level. Atamisque Serbal Pinot Noir is a great example of their work.

Cantine Fina Miral Grillo

Bruno Fina, a winegrower from the Italian island of Sicily, relies on lifelong methods and ways of working to preserve grapes in their original state. This meticulous and respectful process has allowed him to showcase the full potential of the Grillo, one of the region’s native varieties, that they use to make Cantine Fina Miral Grillo, an aromatic, fresh and very juicy white wine. A real find!

Viña Meín O Pequeno Meín

The Valladolid Pago de Carraovejas winery has added Galicia to its wine collection by acquiring Viña Meín, a wine project with roots in the Ribeiro denomination that is dedicated to recovering historic grape varieties. Their Viña Meín O Pequeno Meín wine is a coupage of the native Treixadura, Torrontés, Albariño and Godello grapes. A fresh and aromatic white wine that is full of intensity wherever you look.

Clandestin Les Semblables Boréal

Bertrand Gautherot, one of the most unique vignerons in the whole Champagne region, together with his son-in-law Benoit Doussot, set up Clandestin, a minimalist project that aims to show the world the quality of the vineyards in the Côte des Bar. Their work is clear to see in Clandestin Les Semblables Boréal, a powerful and concentrated champagne that is made without adding or taking away anything.

So now you know all about the trendiest wines for this final month of the year, and all you need to do is order them and we’ll deliver to your door. The best way to shop conveniently with no queues and nothing to carry. What are you waiting for?

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