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International Merlot Day, a celebration of the name

07/11/2020 Breaking news

Every November 7, International Merlot Day is celebrated all over the world. A very special day which aims to honor one of the best-known noble varieties on the planet. And if there’s one reason why this grape has such a good reputation, it’s for producing elegant, delicate and silky wines. You can see for yourself in our catalogue of wines made with Merlot.


A variety of excellence

Considered the sister of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot is a vine native to the Bordeaux area (France) which can be found planted all over the world: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Australia… Although, without a doubt it has greater presence in France, where two thirds of the total production is grown. 

Its name Merlot comes from a derivation of mirlo meaning blackbird, a very popular bird whose colors, between red and blackish blue, are reminiscent of the color of the grape. And although a priori, it’s an improving grape that brings color, elegance and quality to wines, the truth is that the monovarietals are a delight. 

When you uncork a Merlot you’ll find a structured wine with a medium-high body, a good alcohol content, polished tannins and high acidity. In other words, a wine with a singular excellence and smoothness and a good longevity in the bottle. Ideal characteristics for pairing with a whole world of dishes such as white meat, pasta, charcuterie and, of course, a wide variety of cheese. At this point, we have no choice but to recommend five Merlot name wines which have won us over for their elegance and smoothness. Would you like to try them?

5 wines made with the most elegant Merlot grapes

Pétrus 2015


Originally from one of the most legendary wineries in Bordeaux, to talk about Pétrus is to talk about a concentrated, exuberant and powerful wine from the AOC Pomerol. One of the most appreciated and expensive oenological jewels in the world, made with Merlot grapes only and which always scores 10. It’s definitely a luxury treat.

Chateau Guillot Clauzel Pömerol 2016


Also in Pomerol (Bordeaux), the cradle of the best Merlot wines, we find this delight in a blend with the Cabernet Franc variety. Produced on a very small, little-known estate situated in an impressive geographical location, it’s a true treasure of limited production. If you want to try it, don’t love it too much!

Enate Merlot 2015

Enate merlot

Somontano is a Spanish denomination which has known how to adapt the French varieties like no one else. Proof of this great versatility is found in this 100% Merlot wine from the renowned Enate winery. An enveloping, velvety wine which has a specially-designed label by the artist Frederic Amat for this vintage. An authentic work of art. 

Andrew Will Ciel du Cheval 2015

Starting from the motto that the most important thing is what happens in the vineyard, the North American winery Andrew Will produces a most distinguished blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. A limited production artisan work which has become one of the best productions which exist at present in the district of Columbia. A new generation Merlot

Atrium Merlot 2018

Finally, 50 km from Barcelona, in the DO Penedès, Familia Torres has long been exporting its wines to more than 140 countries around the world. A legacy which allows them to have absolute control of their work and in which there’s no room for error. Proof of this is found in this monovarietal Merlot, Atrium, the name of which refers to the place in the house where the ancient Romans ate, drank and listened to music. Quite a feast. 

Now that we’ve put you in Merlot mode, surely you fancy celebrating International Merlot Day as it deserves. In other words, making a toast with a good wine made from this variety. So, what are you waiting for? Cheers, wine lover!

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