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5 white wines with unusual charm

18/01/2023 Winemaking

Do you like white wine and are you looking for one with unusual charm? Fortunately, our collection of wine is so broad that we can offer real gems that don’t fit in the usual boxes. Not only because of the grapes they are made with, but also because of the winemaking process itself. Here is a selection of five white wines of different styles that are true standard-bearers of creativity and good taste.

Giannikos Windmill Malagousia

Although Greece has a long winemaking tradition, its high-end wines don’t stand out as much as those of other European countries. However, in recent times the efforts of winegrowers who are committed to the land are beginning to put their wines in a strong position, especially the whites. Giannikos Windmill Malagousia is an organic wine made from a recovered grape, the Malagousia, which, thanks to the efforts of the Giannikos family, surprises us with its freshness, aroma and balance. Undoubtedly a shining example of the good white wines from the Peloponnese region.

Marimar Albariño

Albariño is the leading Galician white grape. That is why when Marimar Torres, fourth generation of the prestigious Torres family, set out to plant this variety in the Russian River Valley, California, many looked at her in disbelief. However, it was a great success because, as Marimar herself discovered, the Californian climate shares many similarities with the Galician climate and the result is a single-variety wine that enjoys the classic character of Albariño, but with the vibrant uniqueness that the Californian sun brings.

Batič Malvasia

If there is one person who knows how to respect the centuries-old wine culture, it has got to be Ivan Batič, a very original character, supremely anti-technology, and someone who has preserved the family wine estate in the Vipava Valley (Slovenia) that is backed by more than 400 years of experience on this same estate started by the monks who made wine for mass. With a philosophy of minimal intervention and an undeniable faith in the supernatural, he makes natural wines like this Batič Malvasia. A mature, complex and mineral white that is a true reflection of its natural habitat.

Flow Blanco

The sparkling version might be the most common, but there are also original still “blanc de noirs”. That is, white wines made from red grapes. As a result of the ingenuity of producers María Jesús Polanco and Guy Jones, heads of the Empordà (Catalonia) winery Sota els Àngels, we get to enjoy a delicious white wine with a red soul made with Carignan. The grapes are pressed the same day they are harvested to avoid skin colouring and, through natural vinification, a fresh, tasty and surprisingly expressive blanc de noir is made.

Domaine Berthet-Bondet Tradition

Of all the many wines made in the world, those made under a yeast cap stand out. This layer of yeast rests on the surface of the wine and, over time, gives it unique aromas and complexity. In the Jura region (France) they lead with these “unusual” whites and at Domaine Berthet-Bondet, a winery founded in 1985 by a couple of agricultural engineers, their mastery is such that they surprise us with wonders like this Domaine Berthet-Bondet Tradition, a white wine aged for two years under a yeast cap in oak barrels that is deep, complex and very mineral.

You may or may not like them, but what you cannot deny is that these five wines are a real discovery. Out-of-the-ordinary wines that surprise us with their natural charm. Fancy giving them a try?

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