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The new trends in wine labels

18/05/2020 Breaking news

The increasing number of wineries and wines has forced a shift in focus towards the label and a rethink of their design. Creativity has a huge impact!

Our first experience of wine is always through our eyes. The more we get from the bottle, the more it will stand out from the competition and the more chance there is of us picking it up. Winemakers are becoming more and more aware of this and in recent years, creative wine labels have really taken over. Original designs, daring looks and controversial names are the way to attract customers who are faced with a huge selection of wines to choose from.  It is no longer possible to just do things well, they also have to be done tastefully, or at least in a way that attracts our attention.

5 wines that we experience with our eyes

1- Wine and art

Wine and art have always been great companions and there are many wineries that have taken advantage of this. The main advocate for this partnership was Château Mouton Rothschild, a prestigious Bordeaux winery whose wines are authentic works of art on both the inside and outside of the bottle. With each vintage, the label is designed by a different artist, with masterpiece bottles designed by great painters like Salvador Dalí (1958), Joan Miró (1969), Pablo Picasso (1973), Andy Warhol (1975), Francis Bacon (1990) and Antoni Tàpies (1995)… True collector’s wines.

chateau mouton rotschild

2- Wine with personality

Each wine has its own personality, and following this concept some wineries have put faces and eyes on their bottles. This is what they have done with Gut Oggau, the project set up by Austrians Eduard and Stephanie Tscheppe in the Burgenland region. Their wines are marketed as members of a family, and each has a name and face created by artist Jung von Matt. The children, Atanasius, Theodora and Winifred are more direct, light and energetic wines. The parents, Joschuari, Emmeram, Timotheus and Josephine, are wines with body and power. And finally, the grandparents, Mechtild and Bertholdi, are the most traditional wines. How about trying the whole family?

gut ogau

3- Controversial wines

The young Fabien Jouves, a fourth generation winemaker who produces a range of biodynamic wines in the French region of Cahors, certainly makes a statement with his names. His star wine, You Fuck My Wine is a declaration of intent. A label that already has some very unique designs, most of which are irreverent. One design features the well-known image of Robert de Niro in the movie Taxi Driver, but now with a gun and a glass in hand. Then there is the new design featuring different sexual positions between two bottles of wine. It is certainly provocative…

you fuck my wine

4- Wine and leisure

The Finca de la Rica Riojan winery, with its range of leisure wines, encourages us to appreciate life’s simple pleasures with something simple and light.  With designs from the Dorian studio in Barcelona, these wines have the most entertaining labels featuring different leisure activities: dot-to-dot, word searches or mazes. Wines that are made to be opened with a glass and a pen in hand. The game is served.

finca la rica

5- Fun wines

The truth is that design is increasingly important, so much so that label contests have become more and more common recently. There are even some amazing designs made solely for that purpose. A good example of this is the label on “Soggy Bottom Boys”; a very daring brand that, although the winery is not real, is absolutely hilarious, featuring text that demands respect for the grapes that have sacrificed their lives for winemaking, so it should not be used as an excuse to revive failed relationships. No wonder it was a winning label.

Now that we have brought you up to date with the creative trends in the wine sector, you can take a look at our great catalogue. There is something for everyone.