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Recipes with white wine

03/08/2022 Pairings

When it comes to cooking, white wine is used quite a lot. However, are all white wines the same when it comes to cooking? And if not, which are the best for each dish? The truth is that there are as many wines as there are tastes. There are sweet, fruity, dry, defined, smooth, complex... It all depends on the grape variety used and the winemaking method. Here are some tips for choosing the right wine to make your dish sing.

For soups

Whether it’s hot or cold, vegetable soups and vichysoisses are always on the menu. For these dishes, adding a splash of dry white wine with marked acidity and pronounced herbal aromas while the vegetables are cooking brings joy and body. A wine made with the Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc variety is perfect for this.

For risottos

A favourite Italian dish, the options for making risotto are endless and are a real pleasure for the senses. With mushrooms, seafood, asparagus... But one of the ingredients that has to be there is, without a doubt, white wine. It is only thanks to the acidic and sweet touches offered by a Chardonnay that the characteristic flavour of risotto can be achieved.

For fish

Albariño, with its fresh, balanced flavour and citrus notes both in smell and taste, goes well with fish recipes, especially if there is any type of seafood in them. By making a marinade with this wine, the fish meat will soften and achieve a spectacular flavour. A reduction can also be made to enhance the flavour of the dish.

For meats

When it comes to stews, sherry wines work best. Oloroso, fino or amontillado can be used depending on personal taste. And for white meats, dry wines provide the most interesting nuances. A glass of viognier will help to enhance a roasted or braised piece of meat. Finally, when it comes to game meats with a lot of fat, as a contrast, it is best to cook with sweet and fruity wine like a Riesling or a Gewürztraminer.

For desserts

The world of sweet things is enormous and it is fascinating to think about all the many different options. For sweet desserts, port, a fortified wine with a high sugar content, makes it even sweeter. Likewise, Pedro Ximénez wines stand out for their high sugar content. But if you want to intensify the aromas and tastes of the fruit, a sweet and fruity white wine made with the Muscatel variety will be the best.

Now that we have given you a few basic rules for cooking with white wine, you just need to decide on your menu. Ah! Of course, whatever wine you use, it should always be a quality wine and not a “feisty” one if you don’t want to seriously damage the recipe. Also, keep in mind that it is best to always use wine in moderation. If you overdo the amount, you risk masking the flavour of the original recipe. All of that said, we’ll just wish you bon appetit!

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