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Books and wines, the best companions for this summer

We can be sure that summer has fully arrived and many people are thinking about going on holiday. This is a time when we can take a break and reconnect with our favourite hobbies. For all those who love a good wine and exquisite literature, we have good news.

Since all the arts are linked in one way or another, wine and literature must be the same. Fortunately, there are wines and books for all tastes. Today we want to tell you about 5 books, in different styles, where wine and its environment are among the protagonists. The perfect travel companions for this summer.

Have you heard of them?

5 refreshing books where wine is the protagonist

1.- “Taste”, by Roald Dahl. 

If long, drawn-out novels aren’t your thing, here’s a book that’s perfect for you. Roald Dahl published “Taste”, in 1945, and it’s considered one of the most brilliant short stories by the author, who also wrote “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Matilda”. 

Richard Pratt, a wine connoisseur, likes to place bets with Schofield with the aim of guessing which wine is being served at the table. That night, the stakes are much higher (Pratt says it’s a wine with an origin that is impossible to guess). 

For Schofield, it’s a challenge. Will he be able to work out which wine it is? What will this big bet involve? Why not give it a try! This is also a book with exquisite illustrations, which in themselves make “Taste” a real gem.

2.- “The Initiates”, by Étienne Davodeau.

A comic book author who knows nothing about wine and a winemaker who barely knows anything about comics decide to get together and pool their experiences and knowledge and, apparently, opening and sharing bottles of wine while enjoying an intense immersion in the world of comics doesn’t seem like a bad idea. An essential graphic novel that shares wine, art and conversations, it’s very interesting and entertaining.

3.- “La Botella 18”, by Ferran Centelles.

From the creator of “¿Qué vino con este pato?”, comes “La Botella 18”. Is it a mystery novel? Is it an essay on tasting? It’s even better! The renowned sommelier Ferran Centelles has created a pack dedicated to the most curious wine lovers because, as well as a journey through a series of stories that show us the different personalities that a wine can have, it allows us to share in the discovery of this mysterious bottle. How? Ferran Centelles, who is always restless, offers us one of the most original and unforgettable projects of the moment: the opportunity to buy the book and the mystery bottle! An ideal plan to enjoy this summer, alone or in company and build your own story about everything that “La Botella 18” is hiding while tasting the wine. Can you guess which one it is?

4.- “La Bodega”, by Noah Gordon.

When Noah Gordon, best-selling American writer, presented his book “La Bodega” to the press, he said the following: “This book is my love letter to a country. I didn’t discover the glories of good wine until, as a middle-aged man, I began to travel to Spain, where I soon developed a deep affection for the people, their culture and their wines.” 

This format peaks the curiosity of any wine and literature lover, so “La Bodega” must be on this list.

If you like novels with strength, full of sensitivity, where love stories, intrigue and historical moments are combined, along with stories of wine and its environment, then you can't miss “La Bodega”, a novel that continues to captivate thousands of readers every year.

5.- “Tras las viñas, un viaje al alma de los vinos”, by Josep Roca and Imma Puig

If you’re not planning to leave home this summer, we can assure you that this book will take you places. It is neither a technical book nor a fiction book; it is not exactly a travel guide, but it is the perfect ticket to visit 12 great winemakers from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you are on holiday). Josep Roca, renowned sommelier and wine disseminator, and Imma Puig, clinical psychologist and expert in the creation and development of high performance teams, have combined their talents to offer us an intimate portrait of 12 of the best winemakers in the world, where Josep Roca unravels the mysteries of their wines and Imma Puig introduces us to the soul of the people who make them. Undoubtedly, a fascinating journey full of sensitivity and emotion.

Here is a great little sample of what happens when wine and literature come together. Stories in different styles and for all tastes to enjoy a relaxing summer in the best company: a book and a glass of wine.

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