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5 ways to give wine this Christmas

06/11/2019 Breaking news

We’re about to come to the most beautiful time of year, when the streets are lit up and you feel the warmth of home even more. Moments when we become children full of excitement once more, days which give us the opportunity to meet with loved ones again, where parties and joy prevail. We’re talking about the Christmas season!

Regalar vino

If one of your favorite people is a wine lover, at Decántalo we want to make it easier for you to choose the perfect gift.

Here are 5 practical ideas for giving wine as a gift.

  1. Cases of wine

Giving wine as a gift is in fashion! Here you have the possibility of finding cases and sets of wine and sparkling wine which already come with an exquisite presentation ideal for gifts. They contain one, two, or more bottles which can be accompanied by wine glasses or accessories and which even offer different experiences: three wines from the same winery with different vintages, or the same grape variety but grown in different soils or geographical areas to compare them, or cases of wine which are collectible and limited editions. The selection is interesting and, without a doubt, you can’t go wrong.

  1. Large bottles of wine

Here, size does matter!

Did you know that wines and sparkling wines which are bottled in large bottles are better preserved and age better?

This is because the liquid is in greater proportion in relation to the amount of oxygen contained in the bottle and the contact between them is therefore reduced. The lower the proportion of oxygen in contact with the wine, the greater its longevity and the better it is preserved.

They’re also the perfect size to open at a group lunch or dinner so typical of this time of year, because they decorate the table and the celebration and who doesn’t like to show off about size?

Large bottles of wine are an ideal gift. Not all wines and sparkling wines are bottled in sizes such as the Magnum, for example, which contains 1.5 litres, the equivalent of two normal bottles of wine, and are therefore the object of desire for collectors. Many would be excited to see in the New Year like Lewis Hamilton after winning the Formula 1 and uncorking a 3-litre bottle of their sparkling fetish! (by the way, bottles of this size are known as Jeroboam)

  1. Wine selections

Do you know someone who is passionate about wine and want to give them a good selection?

At Decántalo, we offer you wines for all tastes and moments and, above all, for all budgets. Choose the ideal wine selection for the recipient and we’ll send it to their home. It’s that easy!

  1. Accessories for wine lovers

If you know a wine lover but don’t want to risk selecting a wine because you know that they have practically everything in their cellar, you have the option of giving them an interesting and practical gadget. At Decántalo, we also have a wide variety of accessories which can be used for “Secret Santa”: from corkscrews, protective bags for bottles, or drip sheets to complete sets of glasses, decanters and sets of aromas to train the sense of smell.

  1. Gift card

They say “Different strokes for different folks”. Surely you have a special person whom you adore, but you always find it difficult to choose something to give them.

To avoid this situation, you have the perfect option: the Gift Card. You just have to choose the amount and the recipient and by email we’ll send them a code to make their purchase at Decántalo. It’s also an ideal option if you have to give gifts to groups: your children’s school teachers, co-workers or employees or to someone who isn’t as close as you’d like due to the circumstances of life. It’s a practical tool and one everyone is happy with because everyone will choose according to their taste and needs and the amount is valid for one year to be used in any department of our entire online store.

If you have a company, these dates are also ideal to give a small gift to your workers or customers. If you think a gift card may be somewhat impersonal, then we offer you the possibility to help you by choosing wine for corporate gifts which you can also complement with one of our accessories. Selections that we can adjust to your budget and needs and what better gift in this time of celebration! They’ll surely be delighted!

If you enjoy choosing each Christmas gift with care, you know that with us you have a wide catalogue of wines, sparkling wines and accessories from which you can choose the ones which best suit your needs and the tastes of the recipients. We can help you with Decántalo Gift Boxes which will mean your choices are presented exquisitely and accompanied by a personal note, and we’ll also send them to the addresses you indicate.

And now, ♫ ♩ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the wine! ♩ ♫

Christmas photo by freepik

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