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Sparkling wines, only for Christmas?

10/09/2010 Special moments

Unfortunately, we have the habit of saving sparkling wines for the end, whether it's for dessert or a toast, an act that is fantastic as it is associated with celebration and joy. But making it a habit is not the best option; far from it, it's not ideal to go without a sip all year until the Christmas season arrives.

There are great cavas that work wonderfully as an aperitif, but there is another extensive list that pairs perfectly with main dishes, and even breaks some stereotypes by complementing meats.

We opened a Gramona Imperial to start this tasting, and the overall opinion is remarkable: stunning colors, elegant bubbles that form a beautiful rosary and crown, with aromas of pastries and ripe fruit. There are hints of toasty notes, nuts, and aromas that transport us to Cerdanya.

We are accompanied by a delicious secallona from Tarragona, and we continue with a De Nit from Raventós i Blanc, a cava that is a celebration for both the nose and the eyes. Its creaminess is worthy of meats and stews, showcasing the excellent work carried out in the cellars and vineyards.

In conclusion, contrary to what we might think, a good sparkling wine is the ideal accompaniment for any meal we desire.