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5 vodkas you should try at least once in your life

15/03/2023 Spirits

Vodka is a spirit with a strong presence in culture, art, gastronomy and nightlife. Thanks to its great versatility, this drink has managed to revolutionise bars because of how many different cocktails it can be used to make. A good vodka is not just a pure and neutral spirit. The grace lies precisely in the fact that purity is not at odds with its quality, flavour, smoothness and character. Let’s explore the great universe of vodka and give you five recommendations that are a pleasure for the senses. Vodkas you should definitely try at least once in your life.

Are you keen to find your favourite?

5 vodkas that break the mould

1. Crystal Head Onyx

Day Aykroyd has us in awe. This Canadian actor surprised us by starting out as a famous "ghost hunter" to becoming a vodka distiller, by making his own brand, Crystal Head. This vodka is born from a mixture of corn, wheat and glacier water, which is distilled 4 times and undergoes triple filtration through quartz crystals. It is then bottled in a striking skull-shaped bottle. For Crystal Head Onyx, Aykroyd swaps grains for Blue Weber agave, the plant used to make tequila in Mexico. Yes, we know, it’s crazy! That is why it is one of the vodkas that you have to try at least once in your life. A clean spirit with a light mouthfeel, reminiscent of meringue, where you will find aromas of lemon, green pepper and a refreshing herbal touch. Impressive!

2.- U’luvka Vodka

With a beautiful and stylish glass bottle, the contents of U'luvka are just as perfect. After years of research, Mark Holmes, the creator, managed to recreate the very secret recipe of the vodka that was created by alchemists for King Sigismund III of Poland, back in 1606; the authentic vodka of the royal house. The result? An ultra premium vodka made from a selection of the best grains from Poland, which only goes through three distillations, ensuring its purity and smoothness without sacrificing character, power and flavour.

3.- Grey Goose Ducasse Vodka

François Thibault is the made behind Grey Goose, a French vodka considered one of the best in the world. Grey Goose Ducasse Vodka came from a collaboration between François Thibault and Alain Ducasse, the chef with the most Michelin stars. It is made from the softest winter wheat in the Picardy region and the Gensac-la Paullue spring water, which is also used for the best cognacs. The grain is roasted in three different intensities. Ducasse is in charge of mixing them to achieve a unique blend. The vodka is filtered with champagne limestone and distilled five times using the same method as they do in the Cognac region. A premium vodka of gourmet quality that is subtle and harmonious, with delicious nuances that perfectly complement the flavours of coffee. Very few bottles are made. Don’t miss the opportunity to try it!

4.- Absolut Vodka Elyx

Absolut Vodka is undoubtedly one of the most famous vodkas in the world. It is made in Åhus, a small village in southern Sweden, which also produces top-quality winter wheat and water of absolute purity that is extracted from a depth of more than 140 metres. Absolut came to revolutionise the concept of premium vodka, providing a wide range of flavours that bring versatility to cocktails without sacrificing the true taste of vodka. Absolut Vodka Elyx is excellence in vodka form. The bottle pays tribute to the 1921 copper still it is made in, resulting in a luxury vodka that is pure liquid silk, intended for true connoisseurs, offering creamy notes of macadamia nuts, white chocolate, freshly baked baguette, ginger and other soft and warm spicy nuances. A special vodka for demanding palates.

5. Purity Vodka 34

One of the most valued qualities of a vodka is its purity. We’re back in Sweden, but this time to talk about a vodka with less media coverage than Absolut. This vodka, however, has achieved an extraordinary level of purity, preserving flavour, elegance and character. We are talking about Purity vodka, considered one of the best in the world. Purity Vodka 34 is made from a selection of the best winter wheat and malted barley grains. Its mixture is slowly distilled in a copper and gold still 34 times, resulting in an ultra-refined liquid that also retains all the natural flavours and character of vodka. This liquid is blended with a very fine spirit made with organic wheat reduced with mineral-rich water, resulting in a vodka that touches perfection and lives up to its name. Purity 34, a multi-award winning vodka that is extremely smooth, full-bodied and full of character.

These are just five great examples of all that the vodka universe has to offer, but there is always time to find a favourite by browsing our vodka section, where there are endless spirits to break the monotony in the most original way. Have you already found yours?

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