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Wines to give away this Christmas, ¡10 amazing gifts!

21/11/2019 Breaking news

Time is flying and December is almost upon us. Christmas lights and decorations are starting to appear everywhere; Christmas markets are springing up, the days are racing by, diaries are filling with festive lunches and dinner with friends and colleagues and then there’s that question that lingers in the back of our minds… What should I buy for people? The answer is simple, wine.

Here are some suggestions for choosing wines to gift this Christmas, options for different people and to suit all budgets that will make a great gifts this Christmas.

Vinos para regalar

10 types of wines to give to 10 different types of people:

1- Wines for optimists.

We all know someone who is always in a good mood, who always looks on the bright side even when things go wrong, someone who is always laughing and just seems to love life. For optimists, who see the best in everything, there is nothing better than a selection of rosé wines, perfect for those who see everything through rose-tinted glasses.

2- Wines for film lovers.

Do you know the story of Jean León?

Ángel Ceferino Carrión, his real name, was born in Santander, Spain and lived a life revolved around films. He emigrated to France in 1947 and later managed to travel to the United States by hiding on a ship. When he arrived, his documentation was stolen, he changed his name so that he could become an American citizen, worked as a taxi driver and had various adventures until he ended up in Hollywood and got involved in restoration, which gave him a name and even friendships with film stars of the time like Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. Ceferino Carrión’s life was full of adventures that have been collected and turned into books.

Jean León loved wine and returned to Spain to start winemaking in the Penedès region, where his legacy continues.

What better gift for a wine lover who also loves films than a collection of wines by this adventurous Spaniard who immersed himself in the world of films.

3- Wines for fashion enthusiasts.

Not many people know that the renowned Spanish fashion designer, Amaya Arzuaga, grew up around the Arzuaga Navarro family vineyards, in the Ribera del Duero. She still has links to the fashion world, but she decided to return to her roots, managing a hotel and restaurant that are directly connected to the family winery. A place where gastronomy and design meet, and it really works. A selection of wines from Bodega Arzuaga Navarro would be a great gift for those who love good wine and haute couture.

4- Wines for the rebel without (or with) cause.

For that wine lover who is always doing their own thing, who isn’t interested in conforming, who likes to experiment and break the rules, who always goes the opposite way and chooses their own path. There could be nothing better than giving them a wine that has chosen its own destiny, the most mysterious and rebellious Jerez, the Palo Cortado.

5- Wines for those who are passionate about the environment.

These are wines that are created through environmentally-friendly methods, under the philosophy of minimal intervention. Wines of the land that don’t need any dressing up. The vine growers work the land with love and care and without using any chemicals. These are natural wines, a perfect choice for those committed to taking care of our planet. Wines for everyone!

6- Wines for those who love anything tasty, appealing and cheap.

People assume that the best wines are the most expensive and oldest but fortunately, this isn’t strictly true.

We have the ideal selection that will suit this group perfectly. Excellent wines for under €10 that have been awarded over 90 points by international wine expert, Robert Parker. Amazing deals that will make you feel like you’ve won! They are also perfect for a little gift to yourself. You deserve it!

7- Wine accessories for the thoughtful.

A good bottle should be served as such. For wine lovers who care about every detail, we have a selection of glasses and decanters that are guaranteed to enhance the wine tasting and sharing experience that at this time of year, you can’t wait to enjoy.

8- Wine accessories for travel enthusiasts.

If you have friends or family who love to travel and enjoy a bit of wine tourism, these protective wine bottle bags are a practical and economical way to pack and carry wine bottles safely. They are also reusable.

9- For those who love to celebrate.

It’s not a celebration without bubbles! For those who have always got a bottle in the fridge ready to open, we have a selection of sparkling wines from different places for all occasions and seasons so that the celebrations never end.

10- For serious wine lovers.

For your parents or in-laws who have a wine collection that is the envy of everyone, or for that friend or special someone who collects wine and then doesn’t want to open it because they are waiting for that special occasion or the right time, you won’t find any better gift than the most innovative and surprising wine accessory: the Coravin.

This curious device lets you pour a glass of wine without having to uncork the bottle. It is perfect for those who hold onto exceptional wines because it lets them taste it and then save the rest for weeks, months or even years without worrying that it will lose its characteristics. It keeps wines in good condition which means you can enjoy them on another occasion.

Hopefully these recommendations will help you choose this year’s Christmas gifts.

Remember our catalogue features many more wine gifts to choose from as well as a wide range of accessories to complement your selections and even the option of a gift card where you can decide on an amount and the recipient can use it on our website to choose whatever they might fancy.

So now, let the festivities begin!