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Today is World Chocolate Cake Day!

27/01/2022 Special moments

That’s right, January 27 is the perfect excuse to enjoy one of the most famous desserts in the world and there must be some chocolate fans around here.

They say that there are more than 150 different chocolate cake recipes, some of which are even world-famous signature cakes like the Sacher cake or the Black Forest cake.

Here are some tips for pairing your favourite chocolate cake with a good wine.

5 tips for pairing wine with chocolate cake

Chocolate, especially if it has a bitter touch, goes very well with Port wines and sweet Sherry wines.

If the chocolate cake comes with red fruits, like cherries which it goes very well with, you could choose a sweet red dessert wine. How about a sweet wine made from Monastrell or Garnacha grapes? Or a sweet French wine from Banyuls or Maury?

What if it has a touch of orange in it? This is a great combination and one that goes very well with sweet muscat wines or with a Tokaji sweet wine. Orange-flavoured liqueurs like Grand Marnier, are also the perfect accompaniment to chocolate.

If the cake includes dried fruits, like figs or raisins, try pairing it with a sweet Pedro Ximénez wine or with a sweet Madeira wine.

If you are celebrating something, an aged sparkling rosé will go very well with a chocolate cake, and if the cake also has red berries, it will be perfect!

Happy Chocolate Cake Day!

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