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The best red wines at Decántalo for less than 10 Euros

10/01/2018 Breaking news

seleccion-decantalo-foto-blWe have used our Decántalo scores to chose the best wines. We give these scores after tasting and assessing the wines. The points awarded can be interpreted as follows:

85-88: Good wine, but without remarkable features.
89-92: Very good wine with some remarkable features.
93-96: Excellent wine, of great beauty and balance.
97-100: Great wine, with spectacular beauty and balance capable of making you vibrate.

Here are several arguments that lead us to award these scores to the chosen wines:

Agrícola de Cadalso 2015: This Grenache comes from the vineyards of the Cadalso cooperative, in Madrid. Made with the priceless help of the Comando G team. It is a good example of the potential that village wines can have in this area.

Pardas Sus Scrofa 2016: Pardas is Ramon Parera and Jordi Arnan, who make wines in Penedés. And this Sus Scrofa is one of the essences that they bottle. It contains 100% Sumoll, a native variety vinified in a simple way so as not to spoil it. A good wine to see all the potential of red wines in Penedés.

LZ 2016: 2016 is one of the best vintages that has been produce of LZ by Telmo Rodriguez. The Tempranillo grapes for this wine come from different vineyards in Lanciego (Rioja Alavesa). The wine ages in cement deposits so that they do not lose balance between the freshness and the fruity character.

Rayos Uva 2016: Olivier Riviere is a winemaker with a project based in La Rioja, and that is evident in his wines, which are more balanced and aligned every year. A good example of a fine and young wine.

La Forcallà de Antonia 2016: one of the most personal wines of Rafael Cambra in Valencia. A native variety, rescued and understood with the passage of time. It shows us a tasty, spicy wine, light at the same time.

Casa Castillo Monastrell 2016: José María Vicente produces great wines in Jumilla. This is his first wine, but far from basic for this reason. A wine with perfect balance between the warmth of the area and the freshness provided by the know-how of a master.

We hope you enjoy these wines as much as we do. Chin-chin!

+90 Decántalo below € 10

In this selection we present you with 6 red wines with an unbeatable value for money. A safe choice!