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The art of painting with wine

04/05/2020 Breaking news

A creative suggestion for making the most of lockdown

They say that wine is the only art that you can drink, however it is possible to create art with wine, making something that will last longer than the time it takes to drink a glass. We are talking about creating paintings using this delicious bottled delight.

This art of painting with wine is called Winerelle, named as such by its pioneer, Serbian artist Sanja Jankovic, who graduated with honours in Fine Arts and specialises in painting. 

Jankovic explains that, as well as tasting great, the material he uses to create his art is like a living being that changes over time and makes him feel that his paintings are alive, and we could not agree more! Wine is always full of life!

His gallery is spectacular! It includes everything from reproductions of Renaissance works to portraits of characters from music and television and well as plenty of inspiration!

Do you fancy giving it a go?

The times we find ourselves in, having to spend more time at home, this form or art could be a good way to release your creativity and enjoy wine two different ways.

What do you need to paint with wine?

  1. Paper for painting with watercolours or paper with a high grammage and cotton content for its excellent water absorption.
  2. A couple of glasses of some high-end red wine, a Syrah for example. The rest you can drink = D. Here at Decántalo, we have a wide variety to choose from.
  3. Different size brushes
  4. A simple palette
  5. Napkins or paper towels

On his Wine Folly website, he gives us some simple guidelines to get started in the art of painting with wine. There you will find a video with a step by step of how to get started in creating your own works of art with wine.

This art form is becoming more and more popular. In fact, Murcia is home to a Wine Painting Meeting (Encuentro de Pintura al Vino) where creators meet to display their paintings. 

Now you know about it, why not unleash the artist within and create works of art while enjoying a glass of wine. And you never know, one day they could be as highly valued as the legendary Pétrus wine.