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South American wines, richness beyond the New World

26/10/2022 Production area

Talking about South American wines can seem like a fairly new thing, but winemaking in South America has a long history and, stretching from Peru to Patagonia, there are white, rosé, red and sparkling wines that are giving people plenty to talk about. Would you like to find out more?

Wine has been made in South America since 1500 thanks to the friars who arrived in the Americas after the conquest and began to cultivate vines and make wine for religious purposes.

Later, with the arrival of various European immigrants came new varieties, and traditional winemaking practices were adopted from Italy, France, Portugal and Spain.

Of these new varieties, some have found a natural home where they express themselves with fullness and personality, like Malbec in Argentina or Tannat in Uruguay.

South American wine has undergone a stunning development and it is now flourishing. The winemakers have perfected their understanding of this wonderful land they inhabit and, instead of copying foreign ways of doing things, they have managed to establish their own rhythms and methods to produce wines with their own personality, rescuing native varieties and demonstrating why all expert eyes are now looking towards South American viticulture.

Argentina and Chile, two winemaking power houses in the New World

In Argentina, wine is more than just that. The bond is so strong that wine is the official national drink. The identity of Argentine wine has much to thank the Malbec variety for. This grape of French origin has adapted so well to the country’s soils that it is now the most widely planted grape variety. In Argentina, winemaking has already reached the world elite and year after year great internationally famous tasters are surprised by the extraordinary quality of the wines produced here. Argentina is a real driving force in the South American wine revolution.

Chile is a winemaking paradise. The wines of Chile are some of the great surprises that South American wine has given to the world. This country has an exceptional climate and is a true garden for vines to grow. One of the few places where the phylloxera plague did not affect the vineyards and where for years, they were selling red wines as Merlot wines, but that then turned out to be the Carménère variety, a grape that produces seductive, elegant and velvety reds and that is now a symbol of Chilean viticulture.

Uruguay, the kingdom of Tannat

After Argentina and Chile, Uruguay is one of the wine producing countries in South America that is constantly evolving. Its exceptional geographical location, between the 30º and 35º lines of latitude, where the best vineyards in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand are also located, makes it the perfect area for cultivating vines. Looking further than the reds made with the Tannat variety, the absolute queen of Uruguayan wines, we can also find wines that are crying out to be discovered. Don’t miss out!

Peru, the great surprise of the Andes

Maybe you wouldn’t expect it, but wine is in fact produced in Peru, and it is great quality wine too. Its rich gastronomy has managed to surprise and delight the whole world and now the wines of Peru are taking over the show to reveal their exquisite richness and diversity. This South American country has an abundance of varieties that are waiting to be discovered and shared. Wines with an interesting influence from the Andes that have managed to cross the Atlantic to delight and surprise us. What are you waiting for? Try them now!

Undoubtedly, South American wines are flourishing and offer a wide range of landscapes, varieties and sensations. Perfect wines for anyone who is tired of always trying the same thing, and now they are finally available in the Decántalo catalogue, so there are no more excuses. Take the plunge and try them for yourself! You will love them!