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22/07/2019 Breaking news

Have you heard of Corpinnat ? Of a group of wineries that have decided to leave the D.O. Cava? Of course you have. And if you haven’t yet, you will soon. So, pay attention, let’s see what thisCorpinnat thing is all about, and what the universe of Cava will be like from now on.


Corpinnat is a collective brand that seeks to be synonymous with quality sparkling wines. A brand created by a group of processors located in the heart of Penedès that have distanced themselves from the D.O. Cava: Gramona, Llopart, Nadal, Recaredo, Sabaté and Coca, Torelló, Can Feixes, Júlia Bernet and Mas Candí.

The name of the association comes from the sum of two concepts: COR, heart in Catalan; and PINNAT, an adjectivation of pinna , which means rock or cliff, and refers to the fact that the historical region of Penedès is a rocky territory.

And why have they decided to distance themselves from the denomination? As you can see, they are very important wineries in the production of cava. What they are seeking is nothing less than taking care of the perception of quality by the consumer. Protecting their sparkling wines by setting up a brand that satisfies a series of quality parameters.

And in order to belong to the group and to be able to label under the protection of the brand, each winery must meet a series of requirements. These are the main ones:

They must cultivate all their grapes, of native varieties, organically and have them certified thus. They must harvest their plots by hand and make the wine on their property.

In addition, bottle ageing must always be greater than 18 months, double what the D.O. Cava requires. The winery must produce a minimum of two more sparkling wines: one with a bottle ageing of more than 30 months and another of more than 60.
The time the sparkling wine spends ageing in stacks is a determining factor in its quality: the longer the aging time, the more integrated and fine the bubble will be, and the more complexity, creaminess and hints of pastries the wine will display.

Lastly, the plots must be owned by the winery, or failing that, the winery and the winegrower must have long-term cooperation contracts at a guaranteed minimum price.

Therefore, when we see a Corpinnat we can quickly know that we’re faced with a quality organic sparkling wine that has undergone a long minimum ageing in the bottle.
But what territory does Corpinnat cover, and what criteria have been followed to delimit it?

The territory is based on the historic Penedés winemaking area forming a rectangle between the Penedès pre-coastal depression and the adjacent mountains.
The criteria that have been followed to delimit the territory are the result of a study, once again guided by quality parameters.  They can be separated into physical factors, such as topography, plot orientations, soils, weather, etc.; human factors, whether historical, cultural, social, etc.; and lastly winegrowing factors, such as varieties and their adaptation to the environment.

So, now you know. From now on get used to hearing about the Corpinnat concept. A wine that will give people a lot to talk about.

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