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Barcelona Wine Week

07/02/2020 Breaking news

An opportunity to visit the region and experience the unique characteristics of Spanish wine.

This week we headed to the first Barcelona Wine Week, an event organised by Fira de Barcelona, through Alimentaria Exhibitions, a spin off of the Intervin space that is now separate to the Feria Alimentaria with the aim of providing a place to really showcase Spanish wine and give it centre stage. The hope is that it will become an annual event that draws people from around the world.

The very first Barcelona Wine Week fair has managed to gather more than 500 exhibitors from all over Spain and producers from around 40 Denominations of Origin.

The wine exhibition was divided into sections where you could journey through the #BWWLANDS, a space where producers were grouped by area and the wines were promoted for the specific characteristics of the area they come from.

We also took a look at the Artisan Wine Attraction space, which grouped together independent vineyards; small wineries that work their vineyards to preserve regional identity and with the utmost respect for the local environment.

Women of the winemaking world were also given a prominent place at Barcelona Wine Week. The FABULOUS 50 by Women space gave us the opportunity to try a selection of 50 wines made or promoted by women. An extraordinary free bar with information sheets where you could sample the wines and learn a little more about them and the women behind each fabulous bottle.

The Barcelona Wine Week also had a range of information and training events within the BBWHub space, where we were able to get the latest news on new trends in both technology, like the use of smartphones and applications linked to the sector, consumer habits and the workings and future of online marketing, as well as information on topics like wine tourism, reviving ancient varieties and the effects of climate change. 

There was also the opportunity to learn more about the role of the sommelier, see first-hand how biologically aged wines develop or enjoy the different interactive experiences on offer: tastings accompanied by music and art to enhance the enjoyment wine using different methods.

Wines that surprised us

During the Barcelona Wine Week we were able to meet producers we already knew, see new things and have the chance to try some treasures from the winemaking world like the Tío Pepe Amontillado Cuatro Palmas, by Antonio Flores, winemaker and master blender at Bodegas González ByassThis fortified wine from Jerez was named Best Wine in the World in 2019 by the International Wine Challenge.

We also had the opportunity to try the Don PX Convento Selección 1931, a sweet wine made with the Pedro Ximénez variety by Bodega Toro Albalá in the DO Montilla-Moriles, which has been awarded 98 Parker Points. His 1946 vintage was awarded 100 Parker Points. It is without a doubt, a treasure with a great history and an international reputation.

In short, our time at the Barcelona Wine Week left a great taste in our mouths. The event also had an emphasis on sustainability, a topic that was addressed in different presentations and on different topics, and also played a big part in the organisation of the fair. Organisers chose to use materials like cardboard, paper and glass for better usability and recycling, and the furniture will also be reused for future events.

We want to say a big thank you to all the producers who welcomed and served us so well, and congratulations to everyone involved in the organisation. We look forward to coming back, hopefully next year.

A great success all round!