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A Emoción dos Viños 2016.

11/07/2016 Breaking news

Last weekend we had the opportunity to go over to Valença Do Miño, in the Quinta de Santa Luzia in Portugal for the sixth edition of the A Emoción dos Viños fair. The fair is usually held in the cloister of the Gothic cathedral in Tui on the Spanish side, however due to restoration work the location had to be rearranged this year. These two bordering cities combine perfection and scene, a typical Portuguese Quinta, ideal for the fair.


The A Emoción dos Viños fair celebrates wines from all over the peninsula, but mainly those from Galicia and Portugal. The aim of the event is to meet people and vignerons. The intent of these small winemakers is to move you to the landscape where they work and how they interpret it. Sharing these moments with them they can help you understand many things about the wine. Often a typical wine-tasting is not enough to truly understand and evaluate these types of wines. The people, their personalities and their emotional play and important role.

We already know a few producers with whom we can share their new vintages. Envinate, Fedellos do Couto, Comando G, Borja Pérez, Forjas do Salnés and Albamar, with their wines that increasingly look to reflect the character of the terroir, soils and vines from where they come from.

We also were able to meet newer winemakers, such as Laura Lorenzo who produces in the Ribeira Sacra, charming and humble, Iago Garrido from the Ribeiro with spectacularly sharp white wines, Manuel Moldes from the Fulcro winery, Maria de Narupa and Alberto Nanclares in the Rías Baixes with their granite bottling, Bernardo Estévez with discretion and sensitivity with Issue and Francisco Blanco with his Callejuelas full of albariza. From Portugal we met Rodrigo Filipe and his Humus and serenity, Marical Dorado in his last vintage in the Vinho Verde zone, unmissable and positive, António Marques from Qunita da Serradinha with his sincere and direct wines, Silvia and Nadir from Os Golidardos, a lovely couple with an great sensitivity to publicize new vignerons and many more that are in the pipline to return next year.

It was an intense weekend during which we were given free rein to the sensibilities, and we were so fortunate to try so many wines. Thank you to Marina and Antonio for hosting A Emoción dos Viños. We hope to soon to transport you to the fair yourself by adding new additions to our ever growing catalog of wines.

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