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Women and Wine

07/03/2018 Breaking news

Women equality should be praised every day, not only on the 8 March. And, of course, it should also be praised in the world of wine. To commemorate International Women’s Day, at Decántalo we want to show you the work of some of the greatest female oenologist in Spain.
Unfortunately, as in many other sectors, women are a minority. However, little by little they are making a name for themselves. Some of them are already among the most renowned names in the wine scene.


Let’s start with Beatriz Herranz. Born in Valladolid, and after spending several years working in Sierra de Gredos, Beatriz returned to La Seca to reunite with the Verdejo vineyards planted by her grandfather. She started to make wine in a traditional way, in a small garage with two barrels. Step by step, she has grown to offer a very personal image, distancing herself from the wines that are made in the area. Her wine Barco del Corneta doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. And it doesn’t leave us indifferent either.

Veronica Ortega is a tireless and tenacious woman. She has harvested in the best areas and European wineries: from Álvaro Palacios in Priorat, to the Romanée Conti in Burgundy. Nowadays, she makes wines in Valtuille de Abajo, where she started in a small space that Raúl Pérez gave her in his winery. Today, she continues to make wine in her own winery, and to interpret the landscape in her own way by offering Original Versions of Mencía and one of the most electric Godellos of El Bierzo. Bravo!

Mari Carmen Ferrer has been making wines in Terra Alta for many years under the name Bàrbara Forés. She vouches in a magnificent way for the White Grenache, in the plot El Quintá, or for the variety Morenillo, from El Templari. Today, her daughter Pili Sanmartin is bringing a breath of fresh air to the wines with new productions. One of the ‘musts’ of Terra Alta.

Sara Pérez: What can we say about this enthusiastic woman! From her native municipality, Falset, she has been in charge of many wineries in the national territory, such as Celler del Roure in Valencia or Dominio do Bibei in Ribeira Sacra. She is currently focused on her family winery, Mas Martinet, and on her personal project with René Barbier Jr, La Universal. When she took over the family winery, she began to give it a personal vision, both in the vineyard and in the wines. The started to tame the character of Priorat with other types of containers to stabilise the wine. From amphorae to demijohns. She is one of the great figures of the national wine scene.

Anne Cannan has been surrounded by wine all her life, both at the level of production as well as marketing. Optimistic and hard-working, at the moment she carries the weight of the winery Clos Figueras in Gratallops. With an endless agenda each day, but always with a smile.

Bibiana García is the alma mater of Cortijo de los Aguilares in Ronda. Her passion for aromas since she was a child led her to the world of wine. She ended up in Priorat, where she worked and fell in love with its wines and its people. For a few years she has been making one of the most enthralling Pinot Noir wines of this country. Passionate and fascinating.

Maite Sánchez is the head of Arrayán. And since she began her journey, there has been a substantial change in the wines of the winery, which have sought for the connection with the landscape and the native varieties, giving a new direction to her wines. A great effort that has led her to be part of the 10 best oenologists to follow in the magazine Decanter.

Paola Medina is the oenologist of Williams and Humbert, one of the largest wineries within the Sherry Triangle. With her positive personality and without being intimidated, she manages one of the largest barrel stocks of the Triangle, where they make all kinds of generosos and brandies. Her commitment to making a collection of vintages has led her to be one of the most influential people in Jeréz and also in the Spanish wine scene. Positivity, effort and joy. Congratulations!

We know there are a lot more women in the world of wine. This is just intended to be a small representation of the many women who are linked to this world, both in the vineyard and in the winery, and at a trading level. We are unable to include them all in a single article, but we hope to make them known for their magnificent wines and awards. They all contribute with their efforts to the growth of this sector. A sector in which women are becoming more visible. And of course, more necessary.

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