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Different types of rum: a trip through the Caribbean

28/05/2014 Spirits

On the occasion of our new selection of premium rums, we thought it was about time we told you about the origins and characteristics of rum, without a doubt one of the most famous spirits in the world.

The raw material used to make rum is sugar cane, which is why the best rums in the world come from tropical latitudes.  Climate is the fundamental factor in producing high quality sugar cane.

Rums are characterized by a number of different criteria, such as the raw material used (sugar cane juice, or, more commonly, molasses), the ageing (añejo), the color (white, gold or black), the lightness… but on this occasion we want to go through the different types of rum according to the country in which they’re produced.

Of course, all high quality rums are aged in oak barrels. These years of ageing give the rum its distinctive golden colour. But what happens with white premium rums? The answer is simple. They are filtered and cleaned by active carbon, returning them to their original transparent colour.

On that note, we now want to show you some examples of rums from different countries, which will help you understand a little better the philosophy of production in each country:

Ron Varadero 15 Años. After tobacco, sugar cane is one of the Cuban economy’s major products, which makes rum one of the Island’s national products. Cuba produces rums that are balanced, discreet and usually aged in oak barrels. In fact, these attributes are similar to other nearby rum producing countries, like the Dominican Republic. Varadero 15 Años is a dark amber colour and very shiny. It’s very light, refined in the nose and on the palate. A very special rum to be drunk alone or with ice.

Mount Gay Eclipse 1703. The rums produced in the British influenced Caribbean, like Jamaica and Barbados, are of extremely high quality, and generally have more body than rums with Latino influence. Mount Gay is considered the oldest rum in the world. It’s believed that this spectacular rum began being produced in the 15th century, although the first written proof of this profound, strong, spicy rum dates from 1703.

Flor de Caña Centenario 12 Años. Nicaragua is synonymous with Ron Flor de Caña. This rum stands out from the rest as it is not aged by the traditional solera system. Instead, it is only aged in barrels, so the ageing shown on the label is 100% real. This rum is known amongst some people as the Single Malt of rums. It’s without a doubt one of the best rums in the world. That wasn’t decided by us, the 150 international prizes that this rum has received in the last decade speak for themselves.

Ron Zacapa 25 Años. We now travel to Guatemala, a country which produces extremely high quality rums, with a sweeter character, making them easy to combine. When mentioning Guatemalan rum, we can’t leave out Ron Zacapa 25 Años. A smooth, lavish rum with creamy notes of vanilla, touches of orange and dried tropical fruit.

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