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A new challenge: getting funding for equine assisted therapy sessions for people with disabilities

22/12/2017 Breaking news

A few months ago we shared with you a new collaboration with Woorldcoo, a social company for the financing of social projects, through which we would be proposing social projects to finance with small contributions made when placing an order on our website.
Well, the time has come to announce that we already have the first project 100% financed :) We have managed to reach the €2,000 needed to subsidize the education of 60 refugee children living in the Kathmandu Valley, in Nepal, children who were forced to flee from neighboring countries for safety.
With all your contributions, the NGO Street Child will create an educational center and provide school materials for these children who live on the street.
Congratulations and many thanks.
At this address: you can see the project on the Worldcoo page.


From now on, we propose a new challenge. We want to get financing for a new project: Global Humanitaria together with Love Horse carry out educational therapy using horses as a motivational tool that helps with the stimulation, rehabilitation and reeducation of altered functions and abilities in people with disabilities, trying to improve their quality of life as well as their control of emotions.
They need €2,000 to be able to carry out 36 sessions of equine assisted therapy for 30 people in 9 months.
Can you help us to do them?

You can make your contribution in the shopping cart where you will see an option to add your donation starting from €1.

Here: you will find all the information related to the project.


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