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Wine by the winery Bodegas Frontonio

Wines with all the essence of their land

Frontonio is a saint who was beheaded, and whose head was miraculously found upstream, a symbol of the defiance of convention. Fernando Mora is acutely aware of this. He exchanged his career as an engineer for that of a vintner—a radical shift that led him to experiment with wine-making in the bathtub of his apartment and inspired him to train until he became a distinguished Master of Wine. In 2008, Fernando Mora and the oenologist Mario López established Bodegas Frontonio, where they craft exquisite gems originating from vineyards situated in Valdejalón (Aragon, Spain). Wines of artisanal production, crafted with respect for the environment, exuding an authenticity and elegance befitting the finest wines of the world.

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