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Monovarietal wines from 200 hectares of its own vineyard

Valduero, an esteemed winery with roots tracing back to the mid-1980s, when Ribera de Duero was just beginning to emerge in the wine world. Envision that era, a time when the land of Ribera de Duero was almost a closely guarded secret, a treasure awaiting discovery. Amidst this extraordinary terrain, Valduero recognized the region's potential to yield wines of exceptional quality. Their foresight was spot on. At Valduero, exquisite wines are crafted, fusing structure, acidity, and character, coupled with the distinctive touch that only oak barrel aging can impart, to deliver an unparalleled sensory experience. Each sip is an invitation to delve into the richness of this land, to taste the passion and dedication poured into every bottle.

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