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Enate wine

Bodegas Enate, Denomination of Origin Somontano

Enate is the preferred choice of many connoisseurs of fine wines and a prominent label in the wine scene. Nestled in the esteemed Denomination of Origin Somontano, this winery blends youthful innovation with a storied past, being at the forefront of the Spanish wine revolution.

At Enate, innovation and tradition coalesce to craft wines with an international profile, utilizing cutting-edge technology whilst preserving the core of traditional viticulture; a fusion of art inside and outside each bottle that results in an extensive range of wines, ranging from the most approachable and enjoyable to the most exclusive and sophisticated.

Explore the expressiveness of each grape variety in Enate's privileged wines, singular creations that encapsulate the quintessence of Somontano.

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