Wine by the winery Chivite

A passion for wine since 1647

The Chivite have created their personal map of the vineyards of Navarre. A superb quality wine vein, Estella Cintruénigo, designed to show the nature and differences in the vineyards of the north with the amount of toughening sur.LA Atlantic Arínzano vineyards near Estella, with a Mediterranean temper Cintruénigo vineyards, Corella and Marcilla, is the new dogma Chivite family.

More about Chivite

Bodegas Julian Chivite has great antiquity in particular dates back to 1647. Currently, the four brothers running the company. More acres are uatrocientas c that controls the estate Busard Arínzano Manor, born in an old estate of 300 hectares near Estella, whose origins date back to the eleventh century. One hundred and fifty dedicated to a growing majority of Tempranillo that reaches sixty percent, and the rest Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Merlot, are distributed equally and clones suitable for the microclimate of the grapes are carried with finca.Las mime to the processing plant and breeding of Cintruénigo.
Situation of Chivite

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