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Casa Balaguer Salicornio Malvasía

very Mediterranean orange wine with a great saline character
75 cl.
75 cl.
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Alcohol 12.00%
Production area Valencia
Designation D.O. Alicante
Varieties 100% Malvasía
Service 8.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Orange wine Aged in concrete Natural, Organic and Vegan. 6 meses en lagares antiguos.

Style Casa Balaguer Salicornio Malvasía
Less aromatic
Very aromatic
Aperitif, Rice dishes

About Casa Balaguer Salicornio Malvasía

Salicornio Malvasía is an orange wine made with the Malvasía variety by Casa Balaguer-Vinessens in the Valencia region (Spain). 
Rafa Bernabé Navarro is a winegrower from Alicante who set up his project in 2000 with the aim of making unique wines and recovering native varieties. In 2017, the winery was taken on by Andrés Carull, Marta Ribera and the Vinessens winemaking family, and given the name Casa Balaguer. But this change in leadership has not changed the work philosophy and they continue to produce limited production, ecological wines made through minimal intervention. 
Salicornio Malvasía comes from vines planted a few metres from the sea, in the La Mata Natural Park, Alicante. These vines are cultivated using organic agriculture to achieve the maximum expression of the Levantine terroir and the harvest is carried out manually in small plastic boxes with the grapes selected in the vineyard itself.
In the winery, the Salicornio Malvasía grapes macerate with their skins at room temperature for 5 days and fermentation begins spontaneously with native yeasts. Halfway through fermentation, they are pressed and the fermentation process ends with an aging without skins and on lees for 5 months in concrete tanks under a yeast cap.
Named after a shrubby plant that grows in brackish environments, Salicornio Malvasía is an orange wine that lives up to its name. A very Mediterranean wine with a great saline character.

Casa Balaguer Salicornio Malvasía 2022 is an invigorating and zestful orange wine, ideal for those eager to delve into novel taste experiences. Olfactorily, it unfurls a spectrum of scents with prominent citrus notes such as orange and lemon, augmented by nuances of stone fruits like apricot. Subtle white floral fragrances are also discernible, bestowing an essence of springtime with each sip. On the palate, it is light and revitalizing, with a harmoniously balanced acidity that renders it exceptionally palatable.

Salicornio Malvasía 2020 is an aromatic orange wine with aromas of stone fruit, notes of orange peel and hints of orange blossom. On the palate it is voluminous and complex with a marked salinity. A medium-bodied wine, with a good texture and a pleasant acidity. The finish is dry and persistent. 
91 Parker
91+ Parker

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