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Picchioni Rosso d'Asia

A real Croatina
75 cl.
91 Decántalo
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Alcohol 14.50%
Production area Lombardia
Designation DOC Oltrepò Pavese
Winery Picchioni
Varieties 90% Croatina, 10% Ughetta di Solinga
Service 16.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Red wine Aged in wood Natural, Organic and Vegan. 12 months in foudres.

Style Picchioni Rosso d'Asia
Pasta, Red meat, White meats

About Picchioni Rosso d'Asia

Meticulous in the vineyard and very prudent in the winery, Andrea Picchioni is one of the leading winemakers at Oltrepò Pavese, in Lombardy (Italy). A wine-growing region whose sloping vineyards were forgotten because of their difficult access years ago, but now, figures like Andrea have managed to give them the maximum splendour through organic cultivation and respectful winemaking. In his winery, created in the 1990s in Canneto Pavese, in the heart of the DOC Oltrepò Pavese, he masterfully combines the quality of the wine and the protection of the territory. So it is not surprising that the most typical wines of this territory, those that could be described as “grandfather’s wine”, are this winery’s star wines.

But if there is one wine in the Picchioni range that best combines tradition and innovation, it is undoubtedly Picchioni Rosso d'Asia. Named after Andrea Picchioni’s daughter, Asia, this is a blend of Croatina grapes with a small amount of Ughetta. These are recovered vines located in the Solinga Valley, on deep calcareous sandy soils, and benefitting from fantastic exposure to the sun. They are organically cultivated and all work is done by hand. Once the grapes are harvested in small boxes, they are macerated in the winery for a couple of weeks and fermented with native yeasts. The wine is then aged in foudres for at least 12 months before being bottled.

As perhaps the most direct and serious wine in the range, Picchioni Rosso d'Asia is a very good opportunity to fully get to know the Croatina, a red variety that is typical of northern Italy and, if treated with kindness, has the ability to become a meaty, muscular and very elegant wine.



Picchioni Rosso d'Asia 2017 is a concentrated red wine with a generous nose of ripe forest fruits, notes of undergrowth and hints of spice, vanilla and balsamic. On the palate it is robust, fresh and well structured. A complete wine with good nerve and fine tannins. The finish is long and well balanced with wood.


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