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Picchioni Bricco Riva Bianca Buttafuoco dell'Oltrepo Pavese

Slow fullness and intensity
75 cl.
75 cl.
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Alcohol 13.50%
Production area Lombardia
Winery Picchioni
Varieties Barbera, Croatina, Ughetta di Solinga
Service 16.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Red wine Aged in wood Natural, Organic and Vegan. 12 months in foudres.

Style Picchioni Bricco Riva Bianca Buttafuoco dell'Oltrepo Pavese
Pasta, Red meat, Game, White meats

About Picchioni Bricco Riva Bianca Buttafuoco dell'Oltrepo Pavese

We are hearing more and more about “slow tourism”. This is sustainable tourism that avoids overcrowding and takes the time to fully live the experience of connecting with the people, culture, gastronomy and landscape of a place. One region that lends itself to slow tourism is Oltrepo Pavese. A gem located just 1 hour south of Milan, in Lombardy (Italy), with views that will encourage you to disconnect from your normal routine to meet the men and women who cultivate the vineyards. In fact, this area of mountains and hot springs has always had a reputation for producing high quality wines and now, producers offer a wide range of delicious wines at a very reasonable price. One of the projects in the region, Picchioni Andrea is a small winery with only 10 hectares of vineyards in the Solinga Valley, in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese, whose wines stand out for their high alcohol content, structure and perfection.

An example of this unique style, Picchioni Bricco Riva Bianca Buttafuoco dell'Oltrepo Pavese is a red wine made from the native Croatina, Barbera and Ughetta varieties. Andrea manages his vineyards with organic practices like using water from his own natural wells as well as organic fertilisers and treating the vineyard soils with grape pomace. The presence of trees is also very important for Andrea, to compensate for the carbon dioxide produced by mechanical means. The grapes are harvested by hand in boxes with a careful selection of only perfectly ripe bunches. Then, in the winery, the grapes are destemmed and pressed and the resulting must remains in contact with the skins for a minimum of 20 days. The wine is then aged in wooden barrels of various sizes for at least 12 months. Finally, after bottling, the bottles rest horizontally in the dark for at least 6 months before being released for sale.

However, Picchioni Bricco Riva Bianca Buttafuoco dell'Oltrepo Pavese is not a wine that is made vintage after vintage. It is only made in years where the conditions are right to produce a top quality raw material. DOC Buttafuoco dell'Oltrepo Pavese a full, intense and long red wine to enjoy “slow”.



Picchioni Bricco Riva Bianca Buttafuoco dell'Oltrepo Pavese 2017 is a concentrated red with aromas of black berries, notes of dried flowers and hints of spice and balsamic. On the palate it is broad, intense and meaty. An enveloping wine with pronounced fine-grained tannins and a firm, robust structure. It reaches its best after at least 12 years.


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