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Josep Foraster Brisat del Coster

The new era of macerated wines
75 cl.
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Alcohol 11.50%
Production area Conca de Barberá
Winery Mas Foraster
Varieties 100% Macabeo
Service 10.0
Volume 75 cl.
Tasting notes

Orange wine Skin Contact Natural and Organic.

Style Josep Foraster Brisat del Coster
Less aromatic
Very aromatic
Cured cheeses, Oily fish, Seafood, White fish

About Josep Foraster Brisat del Coster

Brisat wines are white wines produced in the same way as red wines. Instead of being pressed before fermentation, brisat wines are crushed just after the skins and seeds have been kept in contact with the juice while fermenting. This type of winemaking, which originates in Georgia and which is commonly known as orange wine took root particularly in Catalonia. Some local old-timers still remember this now almost forgotten method of winemaking, which is being revived by some wineries. This is true for Josep Foraster and his Josep Foraster Brisat del Coster.

The heart of Josep Foraster Brisat del Coster is composed solely and exclusively of Macabeo, a white variety grown in the 30 hectares of vineyards (22 owned and eight rented) that form part of the Mas Coster estate in Mont Blanc, specifically in Tarragona, in the south of Catalonia. The estate is certified organic and made up of vineyards of various ages. Macabeo is grown in an old vineyard, over fifty years old, lying at the foot of the Prades Mountains (facing east and on shallow, clay-limestone soils with pebbles and slates).

Josep Foraster Brisat del Coster is harvested by hand (in 18 kg boxes) and stored for 24 hours in a cold room. By lowering the temperature to 5°C, it is possible to extract aromas from the skins, reduce energy consumption and achieve gentler fermentations. This is where the real heart of the matter comes in, when Josep Foraster Brisat del Coster is left to cold macerate for five days before fermenting. This very important process is carried out in stainless steel tanks and will be key for the next step: fermentation. This takes place spontaneously and is carried out by the native yeasts for 18 days, with a combination of punch-downs and pump-overs. Finally, Josep Foraster Brisat del Coster rests for six months on the lees before bottling, without filtering or clarifying.

A new generation of winemakers is once again jumping on the macerated wine bandwagon. Stay tuned and don’t miss the opportunity!

Josep Foraster Brisat Del Coster 2022 is an orange wine that captivates with its youthful exuberance and balanced structure. On the nose, it unfolds a spectrum of aromas reminiscent of fruits such as apricot and peach, interwoven with subtle hints of Mediterranean herbs. On the palate, it introduces itself with a gentle tannic presence that adds depth and a flavor profile that mirrors its fruity bouquet, delivering vivacity and a lingering finish that beckons one to continue savoring. An ideal orange wine for those seeking to delve into new and vibrant taste experiences.

Josep Foraster Brisat del Coster 2021 is a well-defined, expansive, tannic, and lingering wine. On the nose, it presents primary aromas characteristic of the grape variety, such as quince, white fruit, and yellow fruit. The palate is reserved, with delicate tannins and a dry finish. Earthy undertones. Enduring aftertaste.

91 Parker
91 Parker

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