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The origins of the cave date back to the second half of the nineteenth century, when D. Francisco Javier Solano and Eulate, "Marques de la Solana," the owner of a major extension of vineyards Villabuena decides, on the advice of the famous Bordeaux winemaker of the time Mr. Pineau, initiate the development and aging of their wines according to the methods imported from the Medoc and selling bottled, after aging, with the trademark "Marques de la Solana".

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With the expansion of "drafts" of the underground cellar, the importation of the first wine-making machinery and the introduction of the barrels oak barrels, wines are beginning to receive major awards, including the silver medal at the Exposition from Logroño 1898 and the Gold Medal at the Universal Exposition of Barcelona in 1929 at Bodegas de la Marquesa is produced about 400,000 kg of grapes per year, from the 65 ha. vineyard owned by the family. All are located in the Municipality of Villabuena on the sunny slopes that descend from the Sierra de Cantabria, which protects them from the north toward the river Ebro in the south-southwest. With the fundamental criterion of maintaining the quality and character of their wines, vineyards are preserved very old and very productive, while production are entering new plantings. The average age of vines over 25 years.