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Juvé & Camps

High prestige cavas since 1921

To talk about Juvé & Camps we do not need to turn to its past. However, time in the world of wine is too often the only truth to confirm, once again, that beginnings forged a large part of the best wine history of a region. And that cannot be ignored or forgotten. Because the history of anonymous and simple wines usually ends with the grape types and the region of origin. However, the history of good wines always leads to a special vineyard and a tradition that has often been preserved for several generations. In short, a whole winery philosophy, where its innate sensitivity and its unique vision of future make the wines of Juvé & Camps take part in this secret complicity between science and pleasure, harvest after harvest.

The connection between Juvé and the winegrowing in Penedés started in 1796 with Joan Juvé i Mir, a winemaker with ideas that were ahead of his time that established the first foundations of what would be in future years Casa Juvé & Camps. The company continued with his son, Antonio Juvé, who had to decisively deal with the devastating effects of the phylloxera, among other challenges. He was in favour of replanting, and with his idea he encouraged other outstanding figures of Penedés to develop the policy for the recovery of the vineyard, which allowed the winegrowing revival of Penedès. Later, his son Joan Juvé Baqués founded the first family-run winery. He was married to Teresa Camps Farré, an exceptional woman and enthusiastic collaborator. In 1921, he launched his first sparkling wine with the brand "Juvé", made and aged in the underground cellars of the ancestral house of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. The first "Juvé & Camps" cava had just been born. In the 40s, his two sons, Josep and Joan, joined the management of the house and continued their work with an expansion of the wineries and the underground cellars, the gradual acquisition of plots and selected vineyards, and the addition of the best technical and oenological advances.

History of the winery

In the early nineties, Juvé & Camps is already a prestigious winery located in the centre of the town of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. However, its business development during the three generations ends with the creation of a new and superb winery for the production and ageing of still wines, right in the vineyards of Espiells. Here all the colours are present, and the maximum respect for the recovery of the forest that surrounds the winery and the vineyards also becomes evident in the rural buildings of their surroundings, including a chapel, that continues to stand proud after all this time and to witness the exciting future of the world of wine. The project and the building were carried out by the family architect, Josep Juvé Raventós family. Today it is considered one of the most modern ones in the country, where the past, the present and the future coexist and complement each other. Today, the Espiells winery is the nerve centre of the production of all the Juvé & Camps wines. It is equipped with the latest technological advances, all the still wines are produced here, as well as the base wines for their cavas. The production winery is rational, impeccable, with an oversized space that gives it a lot of light. We must say that the Juvé family's high appreciation for art is reflected in the winery itself, and also in the exquisite attention they pay to the cultivation of the vineyards and the production of their wines. However, this love for art can also be seen in the design of their products, where they take special care with the choice of the materials that integrate them, from the special-shaped bottles to the labels.

Work philosophy

The Juvé & Camps house bases all its winemaking activity on the exclusive production with grapes obtained from their own vineyards. This philosophy created the need to gradually purchase new vineyards since the beginning of the last century. From that moment, all the economic resources were dedicated to this policy of expansion, improvement and care of the vines, always in the best farms, where each variety reaches greater balance and fully develops its features.

In the mid 50s, the family acquired land and some vineyards in the surroundings of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, in the area called Espiells. This name comes from a small chapel, an authentic pre-Romanesque gem from the 9th century .These lands and vineyards became part of the old properties of Casa Vella, Can Torres and Can Rius, forming a winegrowing property of more than 270 hectares. They currently cultivate the varieties Maccabeu and Xarello here, alongside the prestigious Chardonnay and the red variety Pinot Noir. After a few years, they bought the farm La Cuscona, located south of Sant Sadurní. It has a small but excellent vineyard of flat, fertile and deep soils, which enriches the whole combination with different microclimates. And finally, the farms of Can Massana, Alzinetes, El Prat and Mas Pagès are incorporated into the family estate. These are located in the Mediona highlands, where the native Parellada is cultivated along with the international varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

This whole winegrowing area is aimed at extracting the maximum identities of the terroir and the fruit. And this has led Juvé & Camps to strengthen and consolidate, over the years, their more than 400 hectares of winegrowing heritage. Of these, 271 hectares are cultivated in a 100% organic way and are located in small plots that are strategically distributed on different soils, with different altitudes and microclimates. They also develop cultivation techniques that help respect and protect the natural environment.

Wines from Juvé & Camps

The most important thing of the wide range of Juvé & Camps products, both for quiet and sparkling wines, is that Juvé always achieve a balanced harmony between them. Always adjusted to the canon of a blend of harmony and balance, where quality is always the reflection and expression of a land, a vineyard and a family. But as the Juvé say: "only when all these factors come together and are harmonically combines, the wine reaches the highest quality levels."

· Wines from Juvé & Camps

Ermita d'Espiells is a classic white from Penedés that comes from the flor must of the harvests of Maccabeu, Xarello, Parellada and Chardonnay vineyards grown on the property of Espiells, La Cuscona and Mediona. Its aroma is intense and very pleasant.

The notes of white fruit, apples and pears, stand out, as well as a light background of flowers and aromatic herbs. On the mid-palate, it offers a great balance between unctuousness and acidity, which gives it a very refreshing palate with nuances of the aromas on the nose.

Miranda d'Espiells is a white wine that is made from a selection of Chardonnay grapes cultivated in the farm Pla de la Casa Vella. It goes through the fermentation in oak barrels, and then it ages for eight months in new French oak barrels. It has a good base of ripe fruit aromas with some flower hints, a slight note of vanilla, a spicy touch, and a creamy palate. It is rich in fruit, with body and well balanced.

Gregal d'Espiells is a white wine made with 77% Muscat of Alexandria and 23% Gewürztraminer from the vineyards of Espiells and Can Massana. It has a complex aroma, full of nuances, with touches of white flowers and nuances of aromatic herbs. A citric background is slowly flooded by perfume of roses. In the mouth it is pleasant and unctuous, with a balanced acidity that gives the wine great freshness.

Flor d'Espiells is a white wine with ageing potential (vino de guarda) made exclusively with Chardonnay from the vineyard Pla de la Casa Vella, fermented in barrels and aged for 8 months in fine grain French oak barrels. The intensity and complexity of its aroma immediately enhance the ripe melon and grapefruit, surrounded by touches of roasted fruit and nuts and vanilla. Its attack covers the palate with a great balance between its acidity and its structure, displaying its aromatic richness that significantly prolongs its persistence.

Ermita d'Espiells Rosé is made 100% with Pinot Noir. Its aroma is intense, complex, subtle and extremely attractive. The lively notes of red fruit (strawberries, cherries) are combined with floral nuances (jasmine, violet) achieving a seductive fragrance that invites us to drink it. In the mouth, it is sweet and refreshing. Its pleasant texture fills the palate with all the fruit it contains, while its balanced acidity reinforces its freshness and prolongs its aromatic persistence.

Aurora d'Espiells Rosé is made with 37.5% Pinot Noir, 37.5% Xarello and 25% Syrah. This wine has an elegant and pale pink colour, with a subtle, complex and suggestive aroma, notes of red and black fruit (redcurrants and raspberries) and a floral background. On the palate, it is silky, opulent and extremely fruity.

Viña Escarlata is a single-variety of Merlot with an ageing of 24 months in French and American oak barrels, and an average of 3 years in the bottle. Its aroma is intense, with notes of ripe plums and roasted fruit and nuts, with nuances of roasted red peppers, and a background of vanilla and cinnamon. On the palate, it is ample, velvety, unctuous and persistent, with an abundant and mature tannin.

Casa Vella d'Espiells is made with 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot from Mediona, located in the highlands of Penedés Superior at 650 metres above sea level, with an average age of 20 years. This wine is aged for 24 months in French and American oak barrels, plus an average of 3 years in the bottle. Its aroma is deep, intense, complex and subtle, with clear notes of ripe red fruit and roasted fruit and nuts, all surrounded by nuances of fine woods, and a clear background of roasted red peppers. In the mouth, it is concentrated, unctuous and opulent, with intense sensations, long and persistent, with an abundant and mature tannin that guarantees a good evolution during the following years.

Juvé & Camps "Iohannes" is made with 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. It is aged in single and second-use barrels of very fine grain French oak. Later on, it is refined in "foudres" and left for an average of 3 years in the bottle. Its aroma offers notes of blackcurrants, plums, blackberries and cherries, all surrounded by a spicy background where we can distinguish cinnamon and clove. As we drink, aromas of fig bread, blackberries, jam and coffee appear. In the mouth, it is opulent, robust, unctuous and full of fruit, with an abundant and mature tannin.

· Cavas

Cinta Púrpura Brut is a Cava Reserva Brut made from Maccabeu, Xarello and Parellada. It is aged for 24 months in the bottle, on average. Its aroma evokes notes of meaty fruit and a light floral background with toasted bread. In the mouth it is extremely pleasant, with a vibrant and amiable effervescence, which gives it a pleasant creaminess and freshness. They also produce the semi version.

Juvé & Camps Brut Rosé is made exclusively with Pinot Noir and it is aged between 9 and 15 months. Its aroma is delicate and intense, with notes of cherries and strawberries, surrounded by nuances of honey, toasted bread and a reminiscence of flowers. On the palate, it is exuberant, with an intense and creamy effervescence that caresses the palate without showing any aggressiveness. It releases all the aromatic richness that it contains.

Juvé & Camps "Sweet" is a Cava Reserva Dulce made from Maccabeu, Xarello and Parellada with 24 months of ageing. Its aroma is intense, deep and full of shades, with notes of stone fruits and delicate white flowers. It also has aromas of honey, fine pastry and a slightly syrupy background. In the mouth, it expresses itself as a different cava. Its high sugar content gives it a lot of creaminess, while its balanced acidity and its gentle effervescence give it a sweet and refreshing palate at the same time. Ideally paired with appetizers and desserts.

Gran Juvé & Camps is a Cava Brut Gran Reserva and it is the emblem of the House. A symbol of elegance and refinement, of richness and fineness, and with a production that is always dependent on exceptional harvests. It is made from Maccabeu, Xarello, Parellada and Chardonnay, and it is aged for 42 months. The Gran Juvé & Camps is always a top cava that moves away from the classic profile to reach another dimension. It is ample on the nose and rich in contrasts, where fine pastry notes, honeydew notes and candied fruit also appear on the palate, subtle, soft, fine, creamy and delicately crunchy at the same time.

Juvé & Camps "Milesimé" is a Cava Brut Gran Reserva made exclusively with the Chardonnay variety and 24 months of ageing in the bottle. It has the smoothness and elegance of this noble variety from the very first sip, and it produces an extraordinary taste explosion: subtle, aromatic, with notes of peach and apricot, a hint of hazelnut, delicious aftertaste of honey on toast and a filigree of candied fruits. The general impression is both full and rich, but also marvellously fresh and bubbly.

Juvé & Camps "Reserva de Familia" is a Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva and it is undoubtedly the flagship of the House. It is made from Maccabeu, Xarello and Parellada harvested in the farms of Espiells, Can Massana and La Cuscona. It is a fruity, honest and serious, yet complex cava. Rich in aromas, with an absolutely dry palate and a mid-palate full of sapid and fruity sensations enhanced at the end by a slightly vegetable and drying note, which many consumers identify as the personal seal of the family.

Juvé & Camps "Blanc de Noirs" is a Cava Reserva Brut made exclusively from Pinot Noir and with an ageing of around 25 months. Its aroma evokes the classic notes of white and stone fruit. It also shows unusual aromas of cherries, surrounded by a background of honey, toast and citrus. In the mouth, it has a structure and fruitiness with a great creaminess, unctuous, fresh, intense and persistent.

La Capella is a Cava Gran Reserva Brut Nature made exclusively with Xarello and an ageing in stacks or "rimas" for 108 months. Its aroma is deep and complex, with notes of stone fruit (peach, apricot, loquat) along with aromas of brioche and butter. Little by little, as the cava is opened, a faint background of walnuts and curry appears. In the mouth, it is pleasant, and the persistent effervescence caresses the palate filling it with pleasant sensations.

Extremely unctuous and structured, it is surprisingly fresh given its age. Its persistence is remarkable and leaves us nuances of dried apricots, walnuts and fine bakery.

Juvé & Camps "Essential" is a Cava Reserva Brut made exclusively from the Xarello variety and an ageing of 24 months. Its subtle aroma evokes the character and personality of the Xarello, with aniseed notes (fennel), white fruit (pear) and Mediterranean herbs (rosemary, thyme). In its evolution there are nuances of fine yeast that give it elegance and complexity. On the palate, it shows the virtues of this noble variety, with a gentle, creamy, fresh entry, with a mid-palate that relives the sensations of mature fruits that can be sensed on the nose, with a long and vibrant finish.

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