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Princic Pinot Grigio

A delicious Pinot Grigio orange wine
75 cl.
Alcohol 13.50%
Production area Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Designation Vino da Tavola
Winery Dario Princic
Varieties 100% Pinot Gris
Service 14.0
Volume 75 cl.
Style Princic Pinot Grigio
Less aromatic
Very aromatic
Charcuterie, Red meat, Rice dishes

About Princic Pinot Grigio

Princic Pinot Grigio is a natural orange wine made with the Pinot Grigio variety produced by the Azienda Agrícola Dario Princic, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Italy.

As a child, Dario Princic worked in his family's vineyards. He is a man who knows the land well and who, since 1988, has been cultivating his own plots using the principles of biodynamic agriculture and not using chemical products. He is also a key figure in the natural wine movement and one of the leading producers of orange wines, something that has recently become fashionable and that has caused a resurgence in using artisan methods and following local traditions to make wine.

Princic Pinot Grigio grapes are organically cultivated in plots with sandstone and loam soils, a type of sedimentary rock with calcite and clay. Harvests are carried out manually and the grapes ferment spontaneously with their native yeasts. The must macerates in open wooden vats where it remains in contact with the skins for 7 days. The wine is aged for 30 months in oak barrels and three months in steel vats, then it is bottled unfiltered.

Orange wines are created when white grapes ferment in contact with their skins and sometimes even with their stems. This process can last for a few hours or extended over weeks.

The result in white wines is very similar to what happens with red wines. The wine colour intensifies to orange or rather amber (hence its name) and it becomes more complex with a richer texture as the time it spends in contact with the skins adds tannins, aromas and flavour. A good orange wine can have a unique complexity.
2015 Princic Pinot Grigio 2015 is an orange wine that is complex on the nose, with notes reminiscent of ripe exotic fruits and candied citrus. On the palate it has a mineral and salty hue, it is fresh, with noticeable but not overpowering tannins.

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